Thursday, 9 October 2014

15 Days to go

Well my son and only have 15 days until we are Budapest bound and we are both very excited. We have a super apartment booked up to stay in with a little terrace with lovely views, we have all our airport transfers arranged, our travel money has arrived, insurance is sorted just need to pack and we are all set. It will be lovely to meet Asta and her Mom and Dad that is going to be the highlight of the trip for me.

Follow the linky to see where we will be staying

I have got a horrible virus at the moment and have not been able to speak since Monday but I would far rather have it now than when we are away although I could do without seeing the gummy creepy crawly type things I have been seeing today all over the floor and walls …. this is down to the fever I have at the moment I know but still does not make things much fun. Hopefully it will break soon and I will start to feel better .

My dogs are looking after me well bless them laying on me when I am chilly and also when I am really burning up……….lol but bless them they are such super little ones .

Anyway that is all for now


Momma Tea