Monday, 13 September 2010


I’m feeling a bit low tonight apart from still feeling a bits pants myself . We took Rich to the vet today as we thought perhaps he had kennel cough but it isn’t that. It seems his heart is misfiring now and the coughing is due to fluid in his lungs. So he has two new lots of meds to try and help the situation and we have to go back to the vets in 10 days. As you can imagine this is somewhat worrying but I am trying to stay as positive as possible. Maybe coming so close on the heels of losing My Molly it is making me worry more but I guess that is the price of forever fostering the older not so well ones. However Richie himself is as loving as ever even if he does rattle a little more now.

I am also a bit peeved as we had planned to go to a country show at the beginning of October to meet up with lots of peeps and pooches from TLDR but we just cannot afford the train fare and I am more than peeved really but I am far to polite to put how I am really feeling about this. We would have camped overnight and had a jolly nice time with like minded doggy folk and helped raise much needed funds for The Little Dog Rescue but it is not to be.


I am also starting to get a little hinky as my review is coming up and I don’t want to get my hopes up, the way I figure it is if I go in thinking the worst I am never disappointed and you never know I my come out with a smile on my face this time. Either way good or bad no point worrying too much as it won’t change a blooming thing.

On a happier note my hair is most definitely growing back thankfully it seems to come back quite quickly which is a blessing so I may well be able to stop wearing hats again very soon, better stock up the old peroxide though as I can see a lotta gray coming through EEEEK !

I am going to close with a quote today I think so here you go………………….


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman


With Love

Mollys Momma Tea


  1. Sorry to hear about Rich, I'll send some of me positive Vibes, for Rich and for you.
    You have both had a ruff couple of weeks.
    But being a positive person is a good thing.
    See Yea George and Jan xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about Rich. i will post about this on my page and have my friends visit you & rich and send healing vibes...It's all about "Power of the Paw" .

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco The Princess & The Girls

  3. I love the quote! Hope everything is ok with Rich!!

  4. Puppy prayers is on da way from me to Richie and to youz too Molly's momma.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS dis be one of my mom's favorite quotes :)

  5. Oh I am sorry you are having a difficult time. I am sure Richie will be OK especially with all the love I know you are giving him.

    That is a great quote and reminds me so much of you and Molly. Try to keep your spirits up - we are all pulling for you. What is the date of your review?

    My mama will be hitting the peroxide soon as well - the grey hair seems to grow faster than the non-grey hairs these days.

    Love, Pip

  6. We don't have a blog yet, but our mama finally got us a google account so we could send healing vibes and wishes [& other comments] to the wonderful doggies we're finding in blogland. So big, energetic healing vibes from us. PeeEss: our mama used to work with Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue and she always adopted the aged and infirm Danes who needed a loving final home. It hurts when they're at the end of their lives, but it was a comfort to mama that at least their last home and last memories would be of love and warmth and enough food and soft beds and medical care as needed, to maybe overcome or wipe out the memories of previous suffering. Our mama is also a cancer survivor, so we're all wishing Rich the very best, and his mommy, too.

  7. That is a great quote!
    It may seem hard now but try and keep your head up:)
    We will send positive thoughts for Richie your way:)

  8. Woof! Woof! Sending Rich my Golden Healing Thoughts. LOVE the quote. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Hello, we came from Coco Bean's blog. We would like to send healing vibes to Rich after we learned about his sickies. We pray that the meds will fix whatever is wrong with his heart. Stay positive, you are in our thoughts.

    your pals from the Philippines,
    Scarlet, Moymoy, Trudis, Jappy, Bambi, Woody

  10. We came over from Coco's bloggy! We are crossing all our paws and sending healing Aire-zen and the Power of the Paw for Rich!

    Penny & Patches

  11. Sending you lots of cuddles! (Hope they don't get caught up at customs!) I know you need them right now. Everything seems so stressful right now.

    When my big sister crossed the bridge about a week later my other big sister hurt her leg. My mom was an absolute wreck. I think the extra worry so soon can be common.

    Peroxide? Nah... I love the pink look you had before!! Go for it!! ;) Sending up prayers for you and Rich!!


  12. We stopped by to leave positive thoughts and healing energy for Rich. We hope he is on the road to recovery quickly. Our prayers for strength and gentle woofs of comfort to you as well.

  13. We came over from Coco's blog to send healing thoughts and vibes to Rich, we do hope that he is okay as we don't like to see furry friends sick and hurting.

    We're also sending our healing vibes your way too! Our Mom is just like you, she always thinks the worst so that way if it is bad, she's all ready for it, BOL!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  14. w00fs, hope rich is feeling comed from coco's bloggie will cross me paws fur him..

    b safe,

  15. from the home of Barking Chihuahuas, we send our love and prayers for Rich.....