Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursdays Thoughts

I have been so pleased to have my furbabes this week, I thought this new treatment would not leave me feeling as grotty as chemo did but boy was I wrong.  It is exhausting for one thing which is draining, plus the fact it makes me feel ICK. Still I will bounce back eventually and it will all be worth it. My babes have been so good today almost like they are tippy toeing round me and they have been uber snuggly, to be honest I have needed the snuggles from them as I am feeling somewhat blue but as usual that sort of thing is par for the course really. Still only more to go this week YAY !

Richies tum has settled down again but he is still not quite himself yet bless his heart, I know he picks on when I am feeling low so I expect that has a lot to do with it, Ronnii doesn’t quite pick up on everything yet but I am sure she will follow suit when she has been here a little longer. I really don’t know what I would be like if I didn’t have these two here.

I saw my DS ( Darling Son ) on Sunday and we went to see a movie together, it left me feeling really sad though. Not because the movie was sad but because it is the end of an era. He chose the film ‘Sanctum’ in 3d which was a 15 rating, he is not into kids films so much anymore sad  so another era is slipping away now. The film wasn’t bad but was a bit gruesome in places at one point we both jumped and grabbed each others hand & at another we both went ‘Ewwwwww’ and hid behind our hands. It was lovely to see him again and two weekends in a row is unheard of so even though I was sad about him growing up I was just so happy to have spent some time with him.

He is doing brilliantly at school still getting very, very good grades and is thinking about what exams he wants to take and what university he may go to. He is deffo thinking about his future thats for sure, not sure I did at his age though……….lol. Mind you at his age I thought my Mom was positively ancient and I am older than my Mom was when I was 14. Geez I am old !

What else has been happening hmmmm Oh yes I have taken up knitting  ! I have always been pants at knitting and can only knit dishcloths according to my Mom ( my knitting is always full of dropped stitches ) but I am really trying this time and am going to get some new needles and some special wool to knit some scarves nice fluffy ones so it will be interesting to see the end result (  I don’t think I have ever finished anything before but I am determined to this time ). I find it very calming and good for relieving stress so it’s all good.

Anyway my bed is beckoning and Richie keeps looking at me as if to say ‘ Mother gets your butt into bed so I can come and snuggle’ ! So I had best do as I am told………


Nite all , Sweet dreams

Momma Tea


  1. Way to go with the knitting. My mum was a brill knitter and I was always pants. I really must try again someday....although I think patience was lacking with me. My friend has recently started knitting and she is making amazing stuff. I really admire you for having a go.
    Sue -x-

  2. Wow- knitting! I am very impressed! My mom can barely sew a button on.

    I'm sorry you're feeling ICK but I'm so glad your pups are so sensitive and cuddly. My grandpa's doggie knows when he has the icks and is always snugglier with him than usual and even starts to get unexplained yuckies herself!!

    I hope it passes soon for you. Those treatments are so hard but it will be worth it when you feel so much better!

    Wags and extra snuggles,

  3. It is wonderful that you got to spend two weekends in a row with your son. I hope you realize how lucky you are... most 14 year old boys wouldn't be seen on the same street with their mum. hehehe He must be truly special.
    Sorry that this new treatment is so rough.
    Knitting IS relaxing. I'm not good at the finishing part myself. LOL I started lap robe once... It became a dog blanket. A SMALL dog blanket!! Stop laughing at me!!! They loved it... for three whole days. That is how long it took them to... destroy 2 months of work.
    Glad that Richie's tummmy is better.

  4. I am sorry you are not feeling well and the new treatment is rough. Try to take things day by day and focus on those two adorable pups of yours! I am sure they make a very good "make you feel better" team!

    I am glad you had two nice weekends with your son and Frankie's right not many 14 year old boys would want much to do with their mom. He must be a special kid. I got sad reading about the movie thing - they do grow up so fast. Our daughter is only 5, but I still look back and say remember when - like when we drop her off at school now, she barely looks back, just runs to her friends. It's good, but heartbreaking at the same time.


    P.S.:Pip is laughing because he knows that I tried knitting one time and let's just say it didn't go so well!