Tuesday, 12 March 2019

It has been four months since Izzy left us, it has been a tough four months if I am honest. Losing our Alpha has changed the pack dynamics and the three boys are still struggling with where they come now, Bean however has stepped up as our new Alpha. She may be small but she is certainly mighty.
Da Popster is going to speak to an animal behaviourist he knows for some tips on how to get life for the boys to be a bit more harmonious so fingers crossed for that.

I still her miss her more than I can express but I still talk to her every night before I go to sleep and again in the morning. Some days the loss hits me like a sledgehammer and I can barely breathe and other days I can think of her and smile even though it hurts. She had such a huge personality and it has left such a hole in our lives. But I am so grateful we had her in our lives, she was such a joy to be owned by.

My beautiful, funny, demanding, loving, bossy girl we all miss you so much.

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