Thursday, 1 July 2010

Woohoo I did the happy dance

Yesterday when we had got back from the Vet with Momo, as it was a far better experience for her . The vet said she does have an allergy which is part of the reason for her constant from paw nibbling but it could also be because she is old, blind and cannot do all the things she used to be able to. He likened it to chewing fingernails fingernails. He did say she could have steroids but that they could deconstruct her insulin and Cushings meds so he would rather not go down that road , he did however suggest a foot bath with some anti itch shampoo so we will give that a try. I felt rather chuffed ( well happy for our visitors overseas ) when we left as I had been told we must be doing all the right things for Momo as ( apparently ) it is hard to get the hair to grown back once you have loose it from Cushings. I have no idea how correct this is but it still made me happy dance happy dance_snoopy.  Mollys last foster Mom and one of the directors of TLDR popped in yesterday and she adored Molly and would have happily kept her but I am glad she didn’t. Anyway she was so pleased to see how well she is doing and how good she looks which is always lovely to hear, Molly was pleased to see her too which was lovely.

The weather here is still warm & muggy and the pollen count is high so snotty noses and itchy eyes abound right now major bummer.

Anyway that is it


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