Friday, 10 September 2010

Ho Hum

Yesterday was good and a bit iffy and odd really. We took Rich for his check up with our vet and he is going in next Thursday for a dental, his warty pea taken off of his nose and to have his nadgers off. I am not sure if him having one internal and one external will affect his op but hopefully it won’t make too much difference. Once his pea is removed he will look even more handsome and with his dental done his kisses will be a heck of a lot sweeter thats for sure. Bless him he is no trouble though, a really lovely little lad, very affectionate and loving my Molly certainly chose well but I guess she knew what she was looking for and knew what we would like as well. It was sad at the vets as well as we collected her and bought her home again and it has left me feeling a bit hinky really.

This evening while I was faffing about trying to find something on the mess that is my coffee table Rich was laying behind me on the couch and I said ‘I dunno Molly what am I like’ and that really threw me for a loop as it is the first time I have done that. I know it is bound to happen but maybe the first time it does is the worst. I know if Mo heard me where she is she would have given me that cocked head look as if to say Mom you are such a numpty ! She would be right too.

I did have a lovely surprise though when we did get home , I had missed a parcel being delivered. So OH went and collected it from the post office . All I am expecting parcel wise is some prayer beads and the package the OH had when he came home was definitely not prayer beads. It turned out to be a wonderful bag of deluxe smellies sent from one of the ladies on TLDR forum. She had won it in the New York Raffle and asked that it be sent on to me to spoil myself with…….. How sweet was that?.

Right now the I have a snoring Snuffleupagus on the couch next to me and boy can the boy snore he even gives the OH some competition……lol. Thank heavens for ear plugs is all I can say.

Anyway that is about it for now

Take care of yourselves


Mollys Momma Tea


  1. You knows my brudder had his nads wacked off and a dental at da same time and did just fine...he was just not happy withs mum though...hehehe! Ooooooh dat not funnies...did I mention it was his birfday? Okays now dat just crazy!
    Jack aka Rich will do just fine too!
    What an awesome package to gets. Some smell goods will makes you feels good!


  2. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself! Every once in awhile, my mom still slips and calls out to Toonces, our cat who passed away a year ago. It happens and I am sure Snuffy didn't mind.

    Enjoy the wonderful deluxe smellies!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Ooo! I love surprise pressies! I hope you get to spoil yourself this weekend. Cap'n Jack Rich sounds so sweet! Even the snoring - can you believe my mom LIKES the sound of doggie snores? She be a bit wonky sometimes. Try to get some rest and laughs this weekend!


  4. We're just sure he'll do fine with his surgeries!
    ~Milly and Shelby

    PS- Milly snores, too!! hahaha!