Thursday, 11 November 2010

Is it just me or

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel a bit down then start to think what if ? Well I think I am having a what if kind of a week, it’s not all bad what if’s if you follow me some are the what if I won the mahoosive rollover lottery jackpot kind of ones. Well for that one I know exactly what the first mad thing I would do after paying off all that needs to be paid off. I would fly to Texas to find myself a nice ranch on which I could keep horses and ride whenever I wanted. Funny really thats all I have wanted to do since the first time I went to Texas because from day one it has felt like home, I would also have a home in Houston near my bestest friend ever. Not a day goes past since she emigrated that I do not miss her, when ever I have been to see her leaving her and her family has got more and more painful to do. I so want to get over and see them again soon but god knows when that will ever happen as finances are dire for me same as everyone.

I suspect my wistful ponderings are down to the jollop, this round is knocking me down harder than the last lot did but it has to be done so I just have to lump it really. I am more worried about my little guy than myself as he is really not himself right now, he is limpy on his hind legs, wheezy, snotty, had had the runs and is quite phlegm-y so I am going to speak to one of the directors of TLDR and see if I can get him checked over by the vet. He is such a super lad and a joy to have around ( except when he does his best captain shouty impression & even then I still adore him ), he is still enjoying his leg massages though bless his heart. As for Ronnii she is delightful and is slowly getting more comfortable being here, she still does her little whingy noise but I’m hoping that in time that will go, her bark is coming on in leaps and bounds although it still sounds slightly sea lion-ish… She is off to be groomed tomorrow as she has lots of impacted wax in her ears and I have got all I can out now it needs someone who knows just what they are doing. She is such a messy eater that her chin hair is going to be quite short but I deffo want her bangs to stay ( she is my little Veronica just like Veronica Lake ), but other than that it will be a general neaten and tidy up for her. Watch this space for pics after the weekend.

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Tatty Bye


Momma Tea


  1. I totally understand the what ifs... except I normally have negative what ifs. So hard to think positively sometimes.
    Can't wait to see pics of Ronni!

  2. My mom and I both have lots of days like this ...days when we are a little down, wishing things were different. Our ideal would be living near the ocean where we could open the windows and hear the sound of the waves. My mom doesn't even care which ocean. So, if she won the lottery that's what she would do - oh, and quit her job!

    Love, Pip

    P.S.: Can't wait to see pictures of Ronnii after her grooming.

  3. We get days like that, hope it passes soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,