Friday, 24 December 2010

Have A Wonderful Christmas

Before you all start celebrating the season let me wish all of you A Wonderful Christmas Day, I feel very lucky to have shared so much with all of you . Some things have been painful and sad to share but the support from all of you has helped us to get through the bad times. We have shared so much of your joy as well I have lost count of the times you have made tears run down my face with laughing so hard ( Puddles you know especially are responsible for that you wonderful little girl ).  Some of you have touched my heart deeply with your generosity and caring and a special mention must go to my Darling God-Pup ( and his family ) for showing me ( and mine ) such kindness and caring. Pip holds a very, very special place in my heart and I am sure you all know why ! Lets face it he is a hero in every sense of the word.

Us who are owned by our dogs who blog are blessed to belong to such an amazingly odd, wonderful, funny, bizarre and pawesome community and long may this community exist because I for one love it !

So I am looking forward to sharing 2011 with you all, may you all have a Christmas full of Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness and may 2011 be full of the same for you all.

With Much Love To You All

Always Mollys, Richies and Ronnie's Momma Tea


  1. Oh Momma Tea, we are blessed to know you and your family as well. We haves shared countless laughs, smiles and tears within dis community.And we welcomed Ronii and Richie and loves them dearly.
    I second dat Pip is a hero...he is so special in so many ways.
    I hope you and your family haves a very Merry Christmas and we cherish ya'll so much! We will be thinking of ya'll and our sweet Angel Molly dis season.

    Puddles and family

  2. I love all my blog friends - furry and non furry. I agree this is such an amazing community in so many ways and I feel so lucky to be part of it. I don't know if I can top what Mama Tea and Puddles have said, but I agree with everything! Can't wait to spend 2011 with all of you - I already have a few tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

    Love, Pip

  3. What would we do without our blogging friends! I am so happy to have met you! I hope your Christmas was the very best!

  4. We love you too!

    Merry Christmas!