Friday, 20 May 2011

Stetsons Are Cool ! It’s Official

My counsellor came round today and I have to say I was really pleased to see her. I can’t say I am feeling that much better about things but I did get a lot off of my chest and I have realised I need to make some changes. I also know I need some time away so I am going to arrange a couple of days away to see some friends in the very near future who knows maybe a little time away will make things a little better.

I have to see my consultant next week as he wants to discuss my treatment options face to face rather than on the phone …….. deep joy ! I think some of it is because he knows how depressed I have been over the last couple of months and that I feel like I cannot see the end in sight and because I feel like screaming ENOUGH ! Which is all apparently quite common according to my counsellor.

I know all the treatment is designed to keep me alive and me me well but some of the effects of it all are going to be with me for life like the joint pain and the skin scarring from the reaction to the initial hormone treatment for the breast cancer . Scarring is nothing new and I can cope with that but the joint pain is something else, my joints fairly screech with agony and knowing I am going to have that for ever is a little disheartening. The body numbing tiredness may go away but I am not counting on it I figure if I always think the worst I will not be disappointed and most of the time that mindset works but lately I am struggling which is why I am not posting as much as I used to. I don’t like writing all doomy, gloomy woe is me posts so I am sure no one wants to keep reading posts like that.

Anyway enough morose-ness for now the sun is shining and my pooped on bed linen is blowing on the lone all clean and fresh which is a good reason in itself to feel a little brighter and Dr Who is on tomorrow. He wears a Stetson now and Stetsons are cool ! ! ! !



Momma Tea


  1. Dear TEA... Lana Here. You know sometimes one MUST get out and be around friends and family. I know that a bit of a break in your routine will boost your spirits.

    Being a SENIOR CITIZEN I can understand what you are talking about with the joint pain. Do you take something for it? I don't know if you have Aleve across the pond but that is what I take on rough days. It is an over the counter thing.
    Now as far as your thinking we don't want to hear what you consider Gloomy discussions... but you should REMEMBER THAT WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!! THIS is the place to stick those words and thoughts and concerns. WE understand and are your friends so we WANT to know .. when you Need our Support.
    Oh the bedding is going to feel and SMELL so wonderful after hanging in the sun and fresh air. I just love to get between Line Dried sheets.. they seem to produce the SWEETEST DREAMS.
    Much Love, Lana

  2. I am glad you will be able to get away for a few days. Getting way from day to day life, what is familiar to us, always helps. It always helps me - especially when I get out into nature, especially when I get visit the ocean (which doesn't happen very often, but it sure makes a difference).

    I have also heard that setting time aside for yourself each day (even if it is just 15 minutes) makes a big difference. Use the time to do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy without the demands of everyday life or others who depend on you. I try to do this, but I admit, sometimes I forgot or don't have time, etc.

    Kristin (and Pip, too)

  3. Oh goodness! Please don't ever feel like you can't tell us what is going on! We will only know if you tell us. We're here for you and, honestly, wouldn't be anywhere else! I hope you know you are in my thoughts daily and I certainly hope you enjoy your trip. It's always nice to spend time with friends. :)