Saturday, 8 September 2012

I have my Ranty Pants on !


You have been warned that I am going to rant !

Recently I have been having a few medical tests to try and work out why my seizures are not stable and trying to find a different medication to stabilise the condition. This is not the cause of my rant because obviously I would like this sorted out, I know I have my little seizure hound in Uji who warns me when a wobbly is due so I can lay down so I don’t get hurt but it would be nice not to have to worry about them any more. So on to the cause of my ranting, I had to have an EEG yesterday and the man who did the test asked me if anyone else in the family has seizures to which I replied ‘ I have no idea I am adopted’. This is the cause of my rant.

I am so sick, tired and quite frankly pee’d off with being asked questions which need this answer. It makes me so darn cross that we ( adopted peeps ) are not allowed to forget this fact. We are not allowed to forget that someone did not want us for whatever reason, we are reminded that the people who bought us up, the people who cared so tenderly for us when were sick, who put band aids on our boo-boos, who put up with us through our teenage rebellion  and temper tantrums, the people who love us and who we love back are not our ‘real’ parents. This to me is not only insulting to my PARENTS but it always reiterates my feelings of rejection. Like many peeps who have been adopted I really struggled with the fact that my parents were not my ‘real’ ones, that the woman who gave birth to me didn’t want me.

I know my Mom and Dad ARE my real parents so why the heck does it matter for forms to have my birth name on them ? My birth name is not who I am at all, it never has been and it never will be. I am Trudy, Daughter of Doris and Michael, Sister to Kevin and Mother of Ben surely that is all the world needs to know ?

So endeth my rant and I pass on the Ranty Pants to anyone else who may need them.



Momma Tea


  1. Dear Tea,
    I was not adopted, however my father just up and walked away one morning and never came back. I always wondered WHY he would do that. When asked about anything pertaining to HIS health.. I have no idea what to say.
    I think the medical professionals need to be way more.. INSIGHTFUL and WAY LESS... NOSY . I tend to pull our MY Bull Shit list and say things like, "OH YES.. ALL of my Relatives DIED of...INSERT "whatever it is they are asking about"... when they were INFANTS."
    And you should see them instantly start writing THAT down.. not even Realizing that it would be an IMPOSSIBILITY. It gives ME a laugh and gets me beyond the sad thoughts.
    I like to mess with MEDICAL MINDS.. hehehe

  2. I is adopted too but I don't bother thinking about my old life! They didn't want me so it's their loss! I don't even know when my real birfday is, but since my gotcha day is December 27, my family made that my birfday too!
    The past is something I can't completely forget but there's no point regretting!:)