Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Oh my word has it really been that long ?

Almost a year since I posted ? I am so shocked it has been THAT long !

I have more time now as I am no longer doing some of the things that kept me away from blogville. I will miss doing one of them as it made a difference to something I feel deeply about but due to personal reason I felt I could no longer continue doing it. However I can still contribute in other ways so it is all good and as it is all in the past now that is where it can now stay.

My son is starting to look at universities which is cool and kind of scary too as it is hard to imagine my little boy will be 18 in 11 days, I cannot really call him little any more as he is way, WAY taller than me now. I am a little sad that I am not able to go to the open days with him, he is going with his Dad who has decided he will not drive to them and as the train fares are astronomical I cannot afford to go along ( which his dad knows full well and I honestly think affected his decision to go by rail ), but I know in my heart that I have definitely done my more than my fair share when it comes to his education, his dad told him he was not smart enough to get into grammar school so why take the exam, and when he missed getting in by 2 marks and through no fault if my sons ( we had a bad weekend before the exams with my then partner going missing and we had the police in and out as they were looking for him after I reported him missing ) my ex husband said why fight the decision . I did fight the decision citing mitigating circumstances and the panel understood and my son got in. He has during his time at the school gone from strength to strength and gets consistently brilliant grades and is a model pupil. Not helped by his father booking holidays to suit his own timetable and not my sons,booking vacations during exam revision time for example but Ben still managed to get fantastic results. I on the other hand go out of my way not to disturb his studies as I know they are very important to Ben but such is being a mom……….lol I just hope that whichever Uni Ben chooses he will be happy and do his best there.

We are having to alter our vacation plans as some of the Uni open days occur during the time we were supposed to be away so still not sure when we will get to Budapest or how long for which is a little frustrating just glad I had not already booked it.

I am having  good days and bad days with my health still but I can’t complain really, how can I complain when I have 5 of the most adorable, mischievous, cheeky, loving and snuggle dogs that ever there were ?

I must confess I am liking having just my 5 in the house again now that we no longer have a two other dogs and their owner lodging with us. It is nice to have evenings with just my OH and my 5 doglets all on our own-some, I never realised quite how much I missed having my space to myself during the day as well it’s funny how you don’t realise you have missed something until you have it back again.

We also have plans for some work being done on the house and back yard, we are getting the gutters & facias replaced on the house, some serious de-cluttering done, the lounge and kitchen to be painted and the now spare room turned into a guest room / craft room after it has been decorated, Also replacing the kitchen flooring as the laminate is lifting in places thanks to the dogs. We are going to get the front yard cleared and what fencing is left ( after some high winds ) replaced, the back yard is going to be cleared with the patio re concreted as some of our slabs are moving to much. We are also getting a bigger aviary for our Perci bird so that hopefully we can get her a companion too. I know Molly would approve of that.

I shall leave you with one of my happy photos from the past



Momma Tea

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  1. Dear Tea,
    I had not realized that it had been that long either. Gosh, it seems like just yesterday that you were HERE in the USA. Sometimes LIFE gets in the way of FUN.