Friday, 25 June 2010

Fankless Friday

Well it has not been the best of days today. My pop came to collect me so I could drop Momo at the vets for her bloods to be done and I knew she had to stay for the day so went armed with her cooling mat to lay on and her insulin as she had not had it. I felt horrid leaving her there, the last time was not so bad as she had only been with me a few days but this time it was awful I hated leaving my girly there. She seemed ok when I left though which made me feel better.

So I went and spent time with my aged P’s and walked into Hythe with my Mom when she went to work and I stayed and ate lunch at her place which I must say was yummy. Then went on to see my friend Sue which is always lovely as she is way cool. Headed back to Dad’s as he was dropping me off to the vets on his way to collect B from school so all in all so far not a bad day….. shattering but good so far. Until I got to the vets to collect my girl ! I went to get her and got her out and she was wet not good seeing as there was no water in the crate, her cooling mat was absolutely soaking with wee my poor girl had been laying in a puddle of it. In the corner of the crate was a pile of vomit no one had noticed here is me now so not impressed, I just wanted to get my girl home asap. I phoned a taxi to come get us and whilst we waited Momo started to do her oh hell I SO need a drink dance so I asked if she could have some water and the receptionist bought her out a bowl which Molly drank non stop until all gone. We jumped into our cab as no more water was forthcoming and headed home as soon as she was through the door she went for her water bowl and drank that dry also, Molly’s bowl at home is huge ( we call it her swimming pool as it is so big ) so you can imagine what is going through my head for my girl to drink that much that fast. I am thinking has she had any water today ? I did ask the vets staff to check on her a lot as she needs to urinate an awful lot because of her Cushings & diabetes but I guess they didn’t . I am going to be looking for a new vets, it did leave me in a quandary though as this vet was the one that is used by TLDR but they use a different branch but having posted on the forum about this I have been told I can look for a different one and I am so relieved about that. My girly has now had a bath and no longer smells of pee so she and I are both a lot happier now.

I have to call for her results next week to see how her Cushings meds are working which I will do of course but I think they are doing ok as her hair is starting to grow back and she is all downy bless her. She has got some eye drops as they think she has an allergy but we will see how it goes.

Anyway I am off for a snooze now as really pooped out now.

Tarra All

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