Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sunny Slow Saturday

My girly still not herself properly and she was sick this morning not much though. I don’t think the weather helps much it is rather muggy and horrid and if Momo is anything like me it makes her feel a bit pants. I have not given her another bath yet as she is still off kilter so it will wait until tomorrow. been a bit of a weird day really I went and watched my son have his skiing lesson and was rather impressed. It was a shock to see my normally slightly clumsy son skiing down a slope looking graceful and serene it was a real opener for me. He looked quite athletic as well which was definitely a major shock as my son really does not like any sports but he does seem to have taken to  it with gusto. Just wish he could be a little more polite to my parents though mind you he is 13 so I guess that is par for the course. Apart from that my day has been pretty uneventful apart from the ketchup bottle attacking me this evening and splurting me all over my pyjamas. Hey ho.

Anyway that all so over and out from Momo’s Mom

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