Sunday, 4 July 2010

30 Day blog day 2

Today’s question is what is my favourite movie, well this was not too difficult for me to choose at all it would be The Seven Samurai. It was released in 1956, was in black and white with English sub-titles. It is the story that The Magnificent Seven was based on but even though I like that movie The Seven Samurai will always be my fav. Why I hear you ask well I guess I should tell really.

When I was small I was very much a Daddies girl and wanted to do whatever my Dad did whether it was helping rewire the house, laying concrete for patios or messing around with car engines getting covered in oil. If my Dad did it then so would I. My Dad decided to take up Karate so obviously so did I and I went with my Dad very regularly, not only my Dad went but so did two of his brothers so it was kinda cool for me to go along especially as my big brother wasn’t interested. We had a lot of social events such as disco’s, exhibitions at schools and film nights. It was at my first film night at our Dojo that I saw this movie, I must have been about 8 I guess and I remember sitting transfixed by this movie and thought it was the most brilliant thing ever. Sitting there with my Dad watching this film I felt like it was just me and him in the whole world and I had never felt more close to my Dad than I did that night. It was just so special to me and if I see the movie that feeling come right back to me and gives me the warm fuzzies.






So that is day twos entry.


               Momos Momma

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