Monday, 5 July 2010

30 day blog- day 3

Ohh Today the question is My fav TV show eek is all I can say !

Ok I will give what imdb gives as the plot summary

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton's Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist, goes to college, and eventually fulfils his dream. The saga follows the family through depression and war, and through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.


For me it was a time that we sat down as a family and watched together. It was one of those shows that just warmed your heart. I loved the house they grew up in and wished I could live there with them, the fact that most of the time the family struggled to make ends meet their life seemed infinitely better than growing up in London.


I thought anyone would rather live on a mountainside in a house like this, if I am honest I would still jump at the chance. When I started watching red headed Elizabeth was not much more than a toddler and she was all grown up when it either stopped being shown or I grew up and found other things to interest me.



I am always going to think of Richard Thomas as John-Boy  and Michael Learned is always going to be Olivia some things will always be the same in your mind. It was just one of those heart-warming shows that you always think of with fondness and a smile on your face. Well I do anyway/


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