Tuesday, 13 July 2010

30 Day Blog – Day 4

My Favourite Book !

There is only one it can be, When I was small my Dad read to me very much and he read me the first book in this set and I was hooked and I have read every one of them every year since I was about eight. Thankfully I was an advanced reader at a very young age which is probably my one shining academic achievement. Both my parents instilled a love of reading into me that has not decreased to this day and I can still escape the trials and tribulations that beset real life by sticking my nose into a book and departing on a flight of imagination carried along by the words someone else has written.

Well I suppose I should tell you the book is The Lord Of The Rings. After my Dad took me along on the adventures of Bilbo and his merry band, getting the best of trolls and dragons and his winning the prize from poor old Gollom I was hooked. To move on to Frodo and my favourite character steadfast Samwise I have never looked back. I named my first dog after Samwise what better name for a true and loyal companion and he was everything that dear little Samwise was and more besides.

I never get bored re reading the tales as my imagination takes different paths with every reading and I find my own imagination has far more powerful and more beautiful imagery than any film maker can produce ( not that I didn’t love the movies I because I did and still do ) which is why I prefer to read books before seeing any movie that way if a film is disappointing it won’t put me off reading the book.

Anyhoo that is me done for day four



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  1. I love to read also. I like Classics but my husband had read The Lord of the Rings many times. I think it is the best hobby one can have! Enjoy the book!