Sunday, 25 July 2010

Diverting & Digressing

I am skipping the 30 day blog journal for now while my darling Molly is the doggy hospital. She is very poorly and even though she is brighter today she is nowhere near out of the woods yet. I really thought I was going to lose her yesterday as she was that unwell and it all happened so quickly which made it even more frightening. One minute I was waiting for a taxi to take me to the station to meet our weekend houseguests. My OH was just starting to give my Molly her bath and all was fantastic and wonderful, however when  got back the OH said Molly had been very sick. She carried on being sick all night along with a wheezy chest, wobbly legs and shaking, So I did what anyone would do and laid a duvet and pillows on the floor next to her bed so I was close if she needed me. At about 10 after 4 my Princess stood up went tense then just dropped like a stone onto her bed and started having a seizure, it was not nice to see I have to say but thankfully it didn’t last too long and she settled down for a short while in between of her chucking up. I don’t know where all the vomit came from as she could not have had much left in her tummy bless her, all the while this was going on I was letting her know I was there talking to her and comforting her as one does but do you know she didn’t and hasn’t  complained once. I finally climbed on the sofa at 8am for a little sleep but at 8.30am the postman rang my bell with a parcel. In the half hour I dozed Molly had made her way to the kitchen and had a very messy, bloody poop ( I was surprised by the amount as she hadn’t eaten since the morning or drunk properly since noon ). Poor little love she could not stop shaking.

So we took her to the vet and they sent us to the animal hospital in Ashford where we told she had a heart murmur amongst other things and even though I had been syringing water into her mouth she was dehydrated so she needed to stay in hospital for tests.  It was heartbreaking leaving her there , I felt like I was abandoning her but she needs to get well again so not choice really. It was horrendous coming into the house and not having her waggly fuzzy butt wiggling around as she does her ‘ OH OH your home Mom and I am just so very pleased to see you ‘ dance . I felt even worse then as you can imagine.

The vet rang us in the afternoon yesterday to tell us her kidneys are failing, her white blood cell count way mega high and she had hemorrhagic diarrhoea. So my girl is on iv fluids, iv antibiotics, injections of antibiotics, as of this afternoon she has still not eaten or drunk anything but she is a little brighter in herself which is good the diarrhoea has stopped which is fantastic, her temp is down thank heavens as it was seriously high yesterday. We won’t know if her kidneys are responding to the treatment until they repeat the kidney tests tomorrow or Tuesday,.

I really have my fingers crossed that it shows improvement as she is loved so very, very much and  I honestly don’t know what I will do if anything happens to her. Even though we have only had her for 3 months it feels like she has been with us always I don’t think I could love her more if I tried. She makes my house feel like a home and fills my life with such joy and happiness. She has left paw Untitled  prints on my heart that will never go.





I want to thank everyone from the blog-i-verse for all their wonderful messages of support and love for my girly. We really do appreciate it and I know Molly will be also, hopefully I will get in to see her tomorrow and I do I will be telling her about everyones wonderful messages, blog entries and support.

I cannot get over how bereft I feel without her, she is such a major part of my life.

Anyway until she is better I am not going to be doing the 30 blog journal.

Tatty Bye


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