Saturday, 31 July 2010

30 day blog journal - day 15

Today is my dream home, well my dream home would certainly not be in the UK it would either be in Houston or in Bandera. It would have a good sized yard for dogs to run around in with a couple of dog houses in so they had somewhere special to hide their stuff. A big garage for Stevie to have all his hobby stuff in and it would keep the house clutter free and it would be his own space that I would not intrude on so he could escape if he needed to. The master bedroom would be large so we could have a mahoosive bed and longhorns on the wall, decked out in pure Texan style from comforters to rugs with large walk in closets and an en suite bathroom and on the ground floor too. The ground floor would be kinda open plan like my friends house with the kitchen and breakfast room looking out over the den but the dining room would be offset. It would have study for all of the family pc’s so we could at least be in the same room when we are surfing. Big open fireplaces, ceiling fans and AC goes without saying along with walk in larder and separate washroom

Upstairs would have a big secondary bedroom for my son with more walk in closets, it would have a bathroom he could use for his own and at least two other bedrooms and a gallery overlooking the den was be awesome.

If it was in Houston it would need to be near my best friend so we could just pop over when ever we wanted, if it was in Bandera it would need to be close-ish to Arkie Blues and to where I would be working.

So there you have it my dream home

Tatty Bye


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