Tuesday, 3 August 2010

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 18

Yikes the remit for today’s post is my wedding/or future wedding. Well I have already been married but seeing as that didn’t end too well I am not going to write about that one. As for my future wedding well I would love to be wearing jeans but lets face that is not gonna happen so let start at the top and work my way down. Stuff the traditional veil I am going for something along the lines of this

281a43_01_p1_600x600 or



I would love a denim dress but the only denim bridal gowns I have seen just end up looking to heavy and clumpy looking. Bearing in mind I am not the skinniest of chicks ( or should that read old bird…..lol ) I would rather have something along the lines of this


so I could maybe wear Palazzo pants under it and perhaps a fringed bolero jacket depending on the time of year,

Or perhaps something like this would work well.


Do you detect a theme here ?…………… lol.

On my feet I am spoilt for choice but have narrowed it down to three styles





Or These


Well that’s me kitted out and my darling fella is allowed to wear what ever he wants to and feels happy with.

To be really honest the clothing, venue, reception and all the fancy pants stuff are not that important to me, THE most important thing to me is that I am marrying the man I love and making a commitment to him to share the rest of my life with him and that is all that matters really.


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