Monday, 2 August 2010

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 17

Today I am to share an art piece with you it the remit was an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) but I think my art piece may not be what you are expecting. I was going to share my Orange Noodle by Jamie Hewlett but I have decided to go for some wearable art as it is more personal to me seeing as I am wearing it.. I got my first tattoo at the age of thirty it was a tiny heart with the letter B in, it was to celebrate the birth of my son. I got a little red devils when he hit the terrible twos and I didn’t look back after that. My favourite piece is my right leg almost my whole leg is covered but as the lower half is still a work in progress I am going to share my upper leg with you. I have the most beautiful bat, I love bats and always have done so having this is very special to me. It was also important to have the right person putting it onto me. I find the right person a very, very talented guy in my town and he drew it on freehand and the first sitting took three hours and the end result was this




3 Is it not the most gorgeous bat ever ?

The next step was to have the background filled in and that did not take as long about an hour and a half maybe a little more but it really finished it off to perfection . The end result is just so perfect for me.




Now I know tattoos are not everyones cup of tea but I love them and my bat is my favourite piece on me and as I am now up to 27 ish that is saying something. I also realise many would not consider it art but I do and I guess that is what counts.


Ps. Seeing as this post was about Art I am adding this as I think my friend Jude is a fabulous artist and I cannot wait to commission her to immortalise my girl Molly.