Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A break from my norm

Have you ever listened to a song and thought god that was written for me ? I’m sure we all have somehow there are certain songs that help us through specific times in our lives. Over the last few years I would have to say that there is one artist I have listened to a lot more than anyone else. She has helped me get over an awkward break up, she has helped me deal with my illness, she has seen me fall in love again and finally she is helping me work through the last of my treatments ( hopefully ). I think I am always going to have this one artist in my life somehow as so many of her songs are just so relevant and meaningful to me. If like now and I am a bit peevish I listen to her angrier tracks and oddly I stop being peeved and start to think logically and realise that being peeved is pointless and I just let whatever it is that has narked me go and move on. So whilst I came up to bed a rather miffed woman now I am calm and relaxed. I think as well being ill has changed me a lot whereas before I would have held onto being angry and grumpy and would have let things fester and bubble away inside until I hit boiling point now I know life is far too short to let silly inconsequential  things get to me. I find pleasure in the simplest of things now like seeing a rainbow ( as I did on Saturday ) and taking photos of crickets in my back yard.

There is so much beauty in everyday life but most if the time we never stop and just look, we never stop and smell flowers as we are too busy running around like blue bummed flies doing this, that and whatever as it has to be done right now and can’t wait. Well stuff it things can wait and will wait and if they don’t get done this instant then they will get done later. If I want to sit and just cuddle Molly then I am blooming well going to do it.

In the words of a wise little meerkat it’s     SIMPLES !




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