Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Having Trouble

Sleeping tonight worse luck, treatment can give you all sorts of hinky side effects but the sweats at night is one of the more suckier ones for me. I hate them big time all that prickly feeling skin just really ruins getting into a nice cool bed with cold pillows. On a plus note though after having Molly sleep with me last night for the entire night for the first time ever she is now coming up every night. Apart from being very comforting for me it will save us a fortune in pee pads as she does not feel the need to pee at night when sleeping on the bed. I also found that the sleep I did get last night was far deeper and a more satisfying sleep than I have been getting. I guess I had forgotten just how much I love having a dog on the bed at night. It was so lovely waking up this morning and finding my beautiful girl in exactly the same position as she was when I fell asleep, all snuggled into me curled up like a kidney bean.

I never quite expected to feel the way I do about Molly, I suppose I didn’t know what to expect with fostering a dog but even though she is not mine ‘officially’ there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am ‘HERS’ she is a real Mommy’s girl. I sometimes feel a little disloyal to my very first dog as I never thought I could ever love another dog as I did him he was my baby, but Molly well she has stolen my heart in a way I never thought possible and yes I love her every bit as Much as my beloved Sammy if not more. I thought that fostering a dog with such health issues as Momo has and knowing her time with us would be limited I would be wary about giving her my heart but it has been totally the opposite if anything I love more for it. She is such a feisty little lass with a determined spirit, nothing gets her down even when she was so seriously ill not so long ago, she was still laid back and didn’t make a fuss. She takes everything in her stride from having drips inserted to blood tests my baby just let the docs do what needed to be done to get her well and back home to us. She has given us so much and asks for so little in return and I am so proud to be her Momma. She gives me courage to battle on maybe not with as much dignity as she does, somehow a pink Mohawk and dignity don’t really go together but to carry on fighting and not to give up even when I really feel like it. When I feel like that I just look at her with all her new fuzziness and her sweet smile and I know I can fight on.

Thank you little one for coming into my life when I needed you most.


Momo’s Momma

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  1. You, Steve and Molly were meant for each other. I hope the new little dog fits in just as well.
    You have been so kind to Molly and now to Percy too.