Wednesday, 29 September 2010

BSL in the UK

I have recently read an article in one of our woman’s magazines about a dog attack on a child. The dog belonged to her father and he had only had it a couple of days after getting it from an unnamed rescue centre. The little girl had just bent down to stroke the dog as her father was asleep on the couch and he awoke to find the dog on top of his daughter with his jaws locked on her face. The child suffered horrific injuries and will require further reconstructive surgeries as she is get older. I have every sympathy for this family and it was a terrible tragedy but what has got me riled was the small postscript note after the article which stated

‘ After a spate of attacks by ‘ this breed’ on children, adults and other dogs, there have been calls to ban the breed in the UK’

So are we going the way of certain states in the USA and bringing in BSL where upon well behaved, well cared for and loved family pets will be taken from their loving homes and destroyed . I do hope not I feel that this would be the wrong move for our country. We already have the dangerous dogs act but any dog can be dangerous from the petite Yorkshire Terrier to the soppy looking Old English Sheepdog. We no longer have dog licences and we do not have mandatory micro chipping which may help, I don’t know as I am no expert but I don’t feel that banning certain breeds is the answer.

In this particular case I feel that perhaps the dog in question was not adequately assessed before rehoming or maybe as this was a divorced family that perhaps they did not know it would be around children. As we all know rescue centres worldwide are inundated and overflowing so something needs to be done to help stop tragedies like this happening and to stop the suffering of ill treated and abused animals. I wish I knew the answer but in my heart I feel that Breed Specific Legislation/ Breed Specific Banning is not the answer.


Mollys Momma Tea


  1. I agree, it's definitely not the answer. Every dog is different and every dog can attack. People need to be responsible for thier actions and should know a new dog needs weeks to adjust and should not be left unattended with a child during that time (or ever, if you ask me). It's not a breed thing, it's a irresponsible owner thing. But unfortunately, the breed gets the bad rap, not the owner. The media plays up the breed to be horrible and destructive - which couldn't be further from the truth for 99% of them. So sad that the time can't be made to assess each dog in each situation. Or put harsher restrictions and punishments on the owners who allow this to happen.
    -Corbin's mom, Jenn

  2. The problem is that newspapers get it into their heads that it's the breed that is the problem, when it is not, it is the way that the dog has been raised. Why was the dog in the rescue centre in the first place? Had someone lied to get rid of it rather than I have seen mastiff's that are the friendliest of dogs and would rather lick you to death than use their teeth. I have seen collies try to talk your arm off. I was bitten by a collie once, does that mean that all collies should be banned? Think of poor lassie that way.

    Before banning breeds, look at the dogs that bite and the reason behind it. It isn't the dog's fault the way they were brought up.

  3. In the county where we live pit bulls are illegal. In this case I'm kind of glad though, cause one was owned by people who live here buy us and they have little kids. The owners beat the dog from the time it was a puppy & we were afraid that the puppy would be mean, so I'm glad he doesn't have to live in that house anymore.

    I do think that they should ban stupid people, not pets!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. You're so right. Hope this doesn't happen in the UK!
    The Road Dogs