Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass

I read some sad news tonight about a fellow doggy bloggy-er, 5 months ago she lost Digby one of her beautiful Polish Lowland Sheepdogs suddenly May to tick bourne piroplasmosis, leaving his brother Wilf to continue their adventures alone . She found out this week that Wilf has A tumour on the spleen, polyps on the lung and heart and it is all inoperable and that he has only days left. My heart just aches for them so much, for this to happen so soon after Digby must be absolutely crushing for them all and I cannot comprehend how much they must be hurting. My thoughts and prayers are for them at this most difficult time. They are going to make sure Wilf has as much fun, love and spoiling as they can fit into what time he has left which is so brave and so loving of them.

It has got me thinking though when we become parents we know we ‘borrow’ our children from whatever the powers that be are but we fully expect them to outlive us, when we get a dog or any pet again we know we ‘borrow’ them also but we never think or expect them to outlive us. We know we only have them for a certain number of years but does knowing this make the transition when they cross the bridge any easier………. heck no ! The pain we feel is just horrendous, we cry but realistically we are crying for ourselves because we miss them, logic can go poke itself with a sharp stick when it comes to our animals we are totally illogical. Since losing Molly there has not been one day when I don’t think about her and thinking about her leads me to think of all the other dogs I have been owned by. All the wonderful memories far outweigh the sad ones which is as it should be. Some of them can make me laugh out loud like the time my first dog Sam ( he was a whippet/staff/lab x breed ) was at the park and he went to sniff a big labs butt as they do but as he was doing so the lab had a rather explosive upset tummy all over poor Sam’s head, no it wasn’t funny at the time but once he was all cleaned up and smelling better it was hysterical especially the look on the labs elderly owners face.

Our animals/ furry family give us unconditional love which in my opinion is the greatest gift ever ! So I am looking forward to many more dog filled years. As I am typing this my Sweet Richie is laying next to me snoring his little head off bless his heart. Right I am off to find  my earplugs to drown out his best Pumba impressions.

Goodnight All


Mollys Momma Tea

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  1. We are sorry for the loss of your friend Wilf~

    We have read his story and we are off to give our condolences~

    Much love,
    Katy, IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  2. Oh my goodness I just came back from Wilf's blog...

    I am relieved he is still able to spend some time with his family~ The Elgin Pug Family

  3. That's a great question.

    For many years, we had 4 cats and me, of course. Three of our cats all became sick at the same time and passed away within 8 months of each other - Daisy in 12/08, Tommy in 2/09, and Tutu in 6/09. It was absolutely brutal and my heart goes out to Digby and Wilf's family.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. We've been visiting Digby and Wilf's family. Such a difficult time! I can't imagine.

    I have to say despite the heaviness of the post, I did get a chuckle out of picture poor Sam!


  5. Funny story about Sam. LOL. Seems you took it rather well. blessings from Bobbi & Gracie

  6. You are so right. I wish that they could live as long as we do... but it is not meant to be. Milly and Shelby are my heart and soul and I dread the day they will no longer be with me. I had a cat when I was growing up (yes, Milly and Shelby simply cannot believe I was once a cat person) and I loved that cat like nothing else. It was so hard for me to have her put to sleep but she was very very sick and it was the only right thing to do. I still miss her to this day. Though I will say that Shelby reminds me a lot of her. they have a lot of the same personality traits. Anyhow, I feel for Wilf's family. It is just so awful. I read their blog and am just so sad for them.
    ps- I loved the story about Sam. Too funny!!