Friday, 5 November 2010

I AM FUMING ! ! ! !

For a couple of reasons today one of which I wish to keep to myself for fear my mouth might run away with me. The first reason I got angry about today was some stupid young woman took the p**s out one of my fur babies. Now you all know me you can take the mickey out of me and say what ever you want about the way I look but you NEVER EVER do it to my dogs. Now I know my Richie is not conventionally beautiful to most people but to me he has the most beautiful little face and yes he may have only one eye but that one eye is such a stunning expressive deep pool of chocolate coloured loveliness. He can convey so much to me with his one glorious orb, he looks up at me with love absolutely shining out of that eye that I don’t know how the world can’t see it. Yes my baby boy may have a wart on his nose but personally I think it adds to his rakish charm, ok he may have only one nadger but thats not his fault and it is amazing how little it matters to him or me.

So why on earth does a young woman of around 20 feel it is ok to squeal like a stuck pig to her friend and say ‘urrrrghh  look at that dog, he only has one eye and ohhh thats gross on his nose’ then peer at him and say ‘ F***ing hell that is one ugly dog ‘. You can imagine my response I am sure, ok my words were not pretty and perhaps not very adult of me to have let rip like I did but I will not apologise for defending my boy. His face was enough to spur me on as I am sure he understood what the stupid woman said or maybe just her tone but it was enough for his tail to stop wagging and him to look sad.

He is a gorgeous lad inside and out and I love him to bits so stupid people out there think before you open your traps to make thoughtless, hurtful remarks .

As for my other angry thing lets just say there are some very spiteful, cruel, mean, nasty people out in the world who just want to hurt others regardless of who else gets hurt and damaged in the process. Karma will win the day I am sure in your case


Momma Tea


  1. What a horrible woman. People like her make me ashamed to be human. A dog with character is just that - with character. They don't have to slap on 10 tons of make-up to hide the pocs and pits in their face. One of these days she will wake up and see the nasty person inside her.

  2. Momma Tea,

    I agree - what a horrible woman! My Ginger also had one eye and the other was blind and swollen from glaucoma and we had a person or two comment on her looks and ask me why I didn't put her down. Can you believe that nonsense?? People amaze me on both ends of the spectrum!

    You're certainly right about karma.

    Zona and Mom

  3. Oh Momma Tea... How horrible that someone would say that. Just know, that a dumb 20something isn't worth your anger. She doesn't see the beauty that is inside and out. She sees plastic and pink and fluffy clouds of power puffs. Karma will get her... and when she's 35 and wrinkly from all of the tanning, people will call HER ugly. Because she IS ugly on the inside... and no person, ugly on the inside, will ever be beautiful on the outside. Forget her, Momma Tea... she's not worth it.

  4. Oh, this makes me angry, too! Karma will get this woman in the end. I don't blame you for yelling at her. Good for you! Richie is absolutely beautiful, a knight in shining armor - and this woman is the blind one if she can't see it!

    Mama lost her cool with someone this week, too. And while, she wonders if she should feel badly about it, she doesn't and in fact, it made her feel much better!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Small minded people have a tendancy to only see what they want to see, such vacuous little trolls need to be educated in order to realise that looks aren't important. The lesson should be punchuated with a big stick!

  6. Corbin is right - ugliness on the inside shows itself on the outside...old Japanese beliefs, but it comes through and destroys the exterior.
    You had every right to not only defend, but to point out the error of her ways! Paws

  7. I likes what Corbin said!
    But, we is from da south and we can and will turn redneck...mum especially! Yep, sometimes you has to play it cool and be all mature and stuffs...and sometimes you gotta tell 'em like it is OR knock da hell outta of 'em...okay, so I added dat part but dis just pisses me off. What a miserable woman her is. I bet her just ain't happies with herself in general.


  8. My mom would say lots of bad words (and in spanish) to that "lady"!
    She is the ugly one in this episode!
    I feel sorry for her.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs