Thursday, 4 November 2010

Oh By Gosh By Golly

I didn’t manage to get out today so never got to leave the kidlets together alone, but I will even if I just go out in the yard for a little while and leave them inside. Part of the reason was I have been really pre migraine-y and I also really didn’t feel like going out at all today. Since I got ill I have found myself having to psyche myself up to go out and I just wasn’t up to it today. Ronnii is continuing to find her feet more and more with each passing day, Richie is showing a little interest in her girly bits at the moment I think he has only just sussed that she is a girl bless his innocent little heart. I did wonder if maybe she was coming into season but she is not showing any of the signs but I will be keeping a very close eye on her just in case. I did register her with the local pdsa vet and they are going to mail me the forms I need to fill in so hopefully that will all be through soon and I can then arrange for her to be spayed. Pregnancy would be the last thing my little girl would need after all she has been through with her surgery earlier this year.

Richie has been a little clingy the last few days but he is getting uber reassurance and cuddles, I keep telling he is will always be my ‘special little guy’ and my ‘main man’ and I know he understands every word I say. He looks up at me with his big beautiful brown eye and it just melts my heart, how anyone could have left either of my babies to fend for themselves is beyond me. I never will be able to get my head round why people do just dump their animals when there are places that they could take them to be re-homed. Maybe I find it so hard to comprehend because it is not something that would ever enter my head to do, I don’t know they can live with themselves.

Even though I am wanting to forego most of the usual Christmas festivities such as over eating and over priced gifts I do find myself hankering after a really good carol service this year so I may take myself off to the one at my local church…………. Luckily I only live two doors down from it so I won’t have to far to go, the one thing I do still love about Christmas is the carols and my Phil Spector Christmas album. I found myself humming Let It Snow on Sunday morning when I walked Richie, I didn’t give a monkeys who heard me as I was in a rather jolly mood for a change.

So to close tonight I leave you with one of my Crimbo favs.


Sleep well everyone & Sweet Dreams



Momma Tea


  1. Oh, so glad the doggies are doing so well. Give them both some extra love from me and mom. Christmas, oh no, say it isn't so. I can't believe it is only 6 weeks away! Where does the time go?

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I hope you find your Christmas spirit. I know it must be hard but it is only once a year and I think you would regret it if you didn't celebrate the event. I really miss the Christmas Carol Service at church. I used to go every year on Christmas Eve to our little church in the village of Kingsnorth where I lived. We do other stuff but I still miss the English Carol Service. We have found that we don't have to spend mega amounts to have a good Christmas. Our first Christmas here we were so poor that most of the pressies came from the charity shop. We still had such a good time. Christmas is special and it lifts our souls. I hope you manage to embrace it even without the over eating etc.