Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Oh By Gosh, By Golly


Well the big day is almost upon us !  Still not got any food yet but with the help of my Moms plastic some will be delivered tonight hopefully so at least we will have some nomables and we wont run out of loo roll now either ( I think the loo roll was worrying me more than ). With the weather the way it is getting out to the shops has been a bit of a non starter. The doglets are happy little things and are eating well which is good, Ronnii has had her Secret Santa gift from the LDR but Richies hasn’t arrived yet but he is not worrying as our post here has been terrible for ages even before the snow arrived. They have also had a gift each from the Wonderful Pip and his family in Chicago which was a lovely surprise. The pair of them have had more Christmas cards than Steve and I put together which is awesome especially when most of them have come from overseas what a wonderful idea the The Blogville Christmas Card Exchange was. I have to admit I will keep all their cards as they nearly all have pics of the dogs who sent them on them, I think for next years my two will have to sit together long enough for me to get a photo of them done to put on their cards.

This is my most disorganised Christmas since I left home . It seems the days when my cards were written & ready to post by the beginning of November, gifts bought & wrapped & ready to go by mid November, and food ordered at the beginning of December are long behind me now. It seems the older I get the more disorganised I become all I can say to this is ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH !

Although this is not my favourite time of the year it is  not so for my OH, he never celebrated Crimbo as a child for various reasons so he still sees the magic of the season and gets quite excited which is nice but makes me wonder how on earth he puts up with a bah humbug old fart like me Bless his heart.

Tomorrow will be a mad rush of getting the vacuuming done, changing beds, putting the last wash on and starting food prep so today me and the pups are going to take it easy. Hopefully I may get to have another go at Ronnii’s mucky ear hole again so she is all clean n sparkly for when Santa Paws comes to visit.

Photo1284  This is her dress from her LDR Secret Santa isn’t it just the sweetest thing.

Richie has decided he quite likes the back of the sofa to lay on in his new scarf from Aunty Laney and little Lily



He looks so chilled , he is such a lovely lad I feel so lucky and blessed to have them both in my life.

Anyway feet to put up before panic stations tomorrow.


Momma Tea


  1. Momma Tea, make sure you don't over do it with that long list! Let Richie and Ronnii spoil you with snuggles during frequent breaks! That's what I do with my mom. She says I'm the ultimate demotivator. That's good, right?


  2. I have to say I'm letting Christmas go over my head this year, all our plans have gone out the window, because of the snow. but on the good side we now have the time to just do what we like. Christmas dinner will just be on the table, well anytime!
    Have a Great Christmas to all of you
    Jan and George xxx

  3. Just got your comment Thanks, I have let that blog slide a bit. I'm hoping to sort though all the files in the next week!!!as we won't be going places. Now that will keep me busy, as I hate deleting any of the photos!!

  4. Oh momma Tea you just needs to relax and enjoy da moment...yea right, like my mum does...nOT! Dis is da bestest time of da year to us so if you needs some Christmas spirit give us a holler...hehehe...we has plaenty of it...except furs dad, he bah humbuggish.


  5. Don't forget to take out, just enjoy the holiday! We furries can guide you on what's tops on the list BOL
    Awesome gifts!! I want one of those dresses myself!
    Happy, happy holidays!

  6. My mom is crazy stressed right now, too. I tell her to relax, but she doesn't listen. Holidays seem to bring out the craziness in families that is for sure.

    I can't wait to see if Richie and Ronnii like their pressies!

    Your pal, Pip