Thursday, 27 January 2011

All is

calm in our home today, well almost but I will cover that later. It would seem that the storm is passing at last, I have noticed a lack of odour around our girl today and the fact that Richie is no where near Randy is testament to my olfactory senses. I do find it odd that I could detect any odour at all when the OH could not but hey ho, hopefully life will start returning to what passes as normality for us.

When the OH came in from his day out looking like his old self all smiley and a lot more relaxed it made the day we had yesterday seem worth it to have my familiar chap back again. We all need to get away now and then to restore our inner selves don’t we ? Now onto todays non calm event I was visited by the evil monster that visits Mango now and then, I’m fine and put it down to lack of sleep and stress and I think it upset the fur balls more than me but please don’t worry we are all fine and dandy now thankfully. I came round to the most awful pong though…………….. bless his little heart Richie was licking my face like mad……. how brilliant it he ? Even is he does have breath that could strip paint from walls from 87 miles away.

I am so very lucky to have the family, friends, furballs and OH that I do, even with all that goes on health wise, stress wise, financial wise life is still pretty darn good.


Momma Tea


  1. Sorry to hear you had a wobbly moment. I do hope you are ok now. Dealing with the stress of the doggies' problems, bus journeys, vets etc is not surprising you wobbled.
    Hope everything continues to calm down now. -x-

  2. Ohmidogness, Momma Tea! That mean old seizure monster! GRRRRRRR! I'm not a biter but I would bite that guy if I could! I hope you're doing okay and I think Richie deserves extra treats for helping you. He prolly knew that his breath stink would chase away that monster. Good boy!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Well if it means the monster leaves Mango alone by having a vacation to the UK then thats ok with me ;o)

  4. You may find out that Part of Richie's Calm is related to him sensing the Evil S.M. approaching. I can tell you that his POST "Visit" is very much normal fur dawgs.. and even some cats.
    Sorry that you had that Visit and I hope the monster has been properly.. BLOWN away!!!