Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Rambles

Life seems to be almost back as it should be with regards to Randy Rich and Miss Strumpet Pants she is getting back to her normal Miss Bossy Knickers who grrrs at him when he wants to sniff her behind my poor boy he does have so much to put up with. I must say it is nice to have my usual waggy tailed non frustrated happy chappy back again ohhhh I have missed him. He has developed an odd habit though he has taken to duvet licking…………. when we go up to bed he gets on to snuggle down and get comfy while I do my last minute ablutions when I go in there is a huge wet spot and there he is licking the the bedding ….. most odd has anyone else had any experience of this ? My Willow Photo-0007  was a couch licker but we put this down to her being a wee bit senile but she was a honey bunny.

It is the OH’s birthday next week and so I am debating baking him a cake, now this will probably be an unmitigated disaster but it could be fun too. If it is a disaster at least the birds would get a good feed……lol.

I seem to be keeping Mangos Monster busy as he has visited another 3 times but with all that has been going on and the one or two things playing on my mind plus lack of sleep it is hardly surprising so I am trying not to worry too much about it as it won’t help at all quite the opposite really. Due to my virus radiotherapy-zapping is postponed for a week so I am feeling stronger, as my furballs have pointed out my fur is going to fall out again which I really am not looking forward to but hey ho and par for the course really. Just as well I like a hat isn’t it ? Who knows maybe I will find a wig I actually like………

We are going to have a nice quiet day today and hopefully the fur babes can manage to catch up on their blog reading . An early night is beckoning for the three of us as the ‘Popster’ is out this evening and tomorrow I am off to see my Darling Son and tired as I am I cannot wait to see him.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Momma Tea


  1. Hi - I was offline most of yesterday and am just catching up on posts today. First, I am most worried about Mango's monster visiting you. That sounds pretty scary. Hopefully, seeing your son tomorrow will help relieve some of your stress.

    Baking the cake sounds fun. My mom couldn't bake a cake if her life depended on it. She doesn't have the baking gene. Tried to bake cookies last weekend, but something went horribly wrong and the child rejected them!

    Hope you have a great day.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I hope the Mango Monster leaves you alone soon and goes back to his Mango Monster cave and never shows his ugly head again! That's pretty scary. I hope you have a great time visiting with your son and baking that cake! Mom loves to bake, but hates always having sweet stuff in the house to munch on, bol. So she always tries to find places to bring it!

  3. Oh... the Mango Monster returned??? How did Richie react? That MAY be some of what has caused the licking thing. Dogs are soooo sensitive to things.
    I had a dachshund who NEVER went to sleep with a LONG licking fest on a Star shaped stuffie. It was the only time he ever touched it. And Sarge licks Lori's husband's pillow... every chance he gets. I am sooooo happy that you will get to see your son tomorrow. THAT will boost your spirits... and maybe Chase the Monster totally away. Please tell him that I have asked about him. I hope he has no more headaches from the concussion.
    I only have ONE cake that I ever bake from scratch.. It has failed me... a time or two... and we eat it with spoons when that happens. LOL
    I am glad that Miss Bossy Knickers has replaced STRUMPET PANTS... although I will miss seeing that Name. It causes me to LAUGH like a fool.
    Please tell the BIRTHDAY BOY that I said HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!
    Frankie's mom... Lana

  4. Oh, I'm so very sorry the Mango Monster came out again. Please be careful, Momma Tea. I worry abouts you.

    Oh, and I'm ever so glad that things are getting back to normal and everybuddy is settling down again. You must be super relieved about that!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Frankie's mom sent me over to send my good thoughts about your attacks from the seizure monster. That sounds just terrible.

    Mango Momma

  6. I'm so glad things are getting back to normal!! Phoenix is a licking machine!! When she first came to live with us (after a stressful 3 weeks for her (at least)) she would lick EVERYTHING!! Walls, floors, you name it. Now she only licks the bed or her pillow before going to sleep. Our vet said it's likely... are you ready?... mild OCD! And it's a way to calm herself/habit. BOL!!!! Poor little Phoeny. I hope Richie doesn't get your bed all soaked every night!


  7. Good evening! Thanks for stopping by and your heartfelt message about Dozer's run-in with the rat poison. He is asleep by my feet right now. Dozer is a bit of a paw licker and can create a wetspot on the comforter/bed in no time. It is mainly comfort licking. He does like to sit on my lap and lick the arm of my chair when he is on my lap - it is leather so it must have a nice feel to it. Never really thought about why he does it and I have gotten used to his little quirks over time.

    Take care of yourself! We have added you to our list of blogs to visit,

    Dozer, Cooper and Nancy

  8. I hope gets better very soon, my friend!