Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Yet Another

hectic day today with Richie and his hormones but it has been interesting as we have been out and about, he now seems to quite like the bus which is a new thing and one I am rather pleased about so some good has come out of all of this.

I have been nosing about a lot this evening at who has been viewing my blog and the dogs it is really fascinating what you can find out when you have one of those tracking dohickys, anything from country, states, city and towns to IP addresses and even what your reader is viewing your page on e.g. Google chrome, Firefox or what have you and even where they have come from and where they went after your pages. I can work out who most of our readers are as I know most of your rough geographical locations which is quite fun. We have Lorenza in Mexico, Pip in Chicago, Ruby and Penny in Ontario between the three of us we have readers worldwide and there are very few entries on our tracking gizmo we dont know but there are the odd few. I find the whole blogging phenomenon quite amazing really, here we are all random people scattered worldwide who for what ever reasons decide to open our lives, thoughts, views, opinions and general ramblings to the world.  When I first started blogging online ( after years of keeping hard copy journals ) the fact that anyone wanted to read my inane witterings just astounded me. Then I started dog blogging with my sons pup Doogie and a whole new blogging community opened up however when Molly started to blog all I can say is WOW ! My furbabes and I have genuine friends all over the world now it is awesome, to think that that we had a Christmas card exchange, gifts were sent and received is mind boggling. We support each other in a way I never imagined could happen, we laugh at each others joy, worry for each other when there are illnesses and we cry for our friends and feel the pain they feel when one of our beloved fur babes cross the Rainbow Bridge. All because we share a common bond that is our darling furballs. They come in all shapes and sizes, they each have their own wonderful personalities some more so than others ( we all know who I am talking about don’t we ? LOL ), they are all just completely adorable ( even when the kool aid rains down ).

Sometimes people want to spoil our pleasure in sharing our fur balls lives in the way we do but we just ignore it and continue on happily, I know my two don’t understand what hate is they have no use for it in their lives so they dont acknowledge it and I am the same now. I have no time at all for hate in my life, I do not see the point of it, if you don’t like something then to me it is simple don’t do, don’t read it, don’t watch it or don’t eat it …… problem solved .. simple.

Life is short enough so why waste time and energy on negativity. Strange though that so many people in this world do, how sad for them is all I can say.

Pets ( and I do dislike that word because my furballs are part of our family ) and illness can be very liberating sometimes you know, they do change the way you look at life and think about things. Much as I dislike my health issues they have changed me, I look at the world around me so differently now so in a way it hasn’t all been bad. How weird is that ?

Anyway I am going to close this meandering ramble now as I have to be up at 5am because my OH is going out for the day ( far to blooming early IMHO ) and the furballs cannot be left unsupervised whilst I snooze on.

So thank you all for working your way through this odd post of mine and I wish you all depending where you are in the world either sweet dreams or a wonderful day.


Momma Tea


  1. Sweet dreams Momma Tea!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. I have been changed by my blogging, also.

    I agree that life is too short for petty thoughts and deeds.

    I hope that you can find me here in OHIO.

    May your dreams be pleasant.

  3. Thanks Tea. I couldn't agree more. Blogging is one of my favorite parts of the day. I look forward to coming home from work and sitting down to see what everyone is up to. It is so amazing to have friends all over the world - just so AMAZING.

    I know occasionally there is some negativity around - far less than in the real world thankfully - but just ignore it. What comes around goes around so eventually these individuals will get theres. I hope no one is bothering you - otherwise Pip might have to kick some serious butt!


  4. We, too love getting to know people all over the world. But I agree, it's so amzaing how deeply one can care, worry, cry, be joyful with dogs and people one has never met. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Lisa and the Rottens