Monday, 24 January 2011

It Has Been A Fraught Day

Richie went into hump like a demon mode and then whinge mode when he wasn’t allowed to hump like a demon, I did feel for the boy until I had enough so I decided to take him for a wander down our local recreation ground to give him, Ronnii and me a break from all the hullabulloo. All was going well we were ambling around with the place to ourselves when all of a sudden a  mad streak came belting towards us and promptly grabbed his leg in its mouth. A Staffie had come out of nowhere without a lead and had taken a dislike to my boy. I struggled to get this blooming dog off of him with the owner wandering over and thinking the whole situation was rather funny and doing nothing to help. I finally managed to get the thing off but the blasted dog kept coming and coming snarling and snapping and the owner just continued to laugh until I took matters into my own hands and punched his dog smartly on the nose. At which point he stopped laughing and went to hit me so I punched him smartly on the nose too, grabbed Richie into my arms and ran like hell. Out of the red round to my friends house where I promptly turned into a gibbering wreck. Luckily Richie was fine after a good check of him and I think he was just a bit stunned and I was somewhat shell shocked. I have never hit a dog before and do feel awful about it but I don’t feel bad about hitting the ‘man’ and I use that word loosely to describe the male person in a baseball cap and a hoodie. What on earth he though of this middle aged woman in sensible boots lamping one on the nose I don’t know nor do I care either. It is about time all dog owners be responsible for their dogs behaviour and for what comes out of their dogs rear ends. We have two dogs and we are responsible for what goes in their bellies and for what comes out and we dutifully pick up after them so why can’t others ? It is beyond me what goes on in some dog owners minds .

Onto Ronnii now she went to the dog-tor this evening to see if she could have a hormone jab to end her season and save Richie anymore stress but Anthony ( The Vet ) said she only has about another five days left and it takes that long for the jab to work so it is not worth it. She will be spayed in April ! He said all we can do is either get Richie a holiday somewhere or put up with……………. so put up with it we will but I am going to be handing over to my dear OH as soon as he walks through the door each evening poor man.


Well at least I can say life is never dull here……LOL


Momma Tea


  1. Oh goodness - what a dreadful experience. We applaud you for the punch in the nose on both accounts though - and we totally agree, what IS it with some owners?! As for the picking up issue - sometimes I'm ashamed of where I live, it's like an assault course trying to walk without wading through poo in some areas - gross! As you say - we have two dogs too and as a dog owner you shouldn't even have to think about it.

    Anyway, we hope you're feeling okay now after this horrible event - don't let it get you down. Easier said than done we know but if me and the boys had been there we'd have been bopping this chap on the nose too = and then legging it with you! In short we think you're fab so don't you forget it!

    Big schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. My mum gonna talks...heres her is!

    First, I am so sorry that happened to you and Richi! I can't imagine the fear you felt witnessing that horrible incident. I think most people would say they would never hurt or hit an animal but, when your dog's life is in danger I think anyone would have done the same thing if they were in the same situation. Me,...your damn straight I would (sorry for the HBO word). These are not only my dogs but my best friends as well...I owe it to them to keep them safe and they would protect me at any given moment.
    It all goes back to moron owners. I have been dealing with the like for a long time next door.


  3. Poor Richie!

    I am happy he is OK but mad dat you both had dis happen to you. Mom and me think you did what you had to do to protect Richie, so yay fur you! The owner of that dog deserved far more than a punch in da nose, what a #@!#$!!!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. I'm glad you decked him! You should have. As for the dog, I dare someone to say a hitng about me punching their dog if they are LAUGHING while their dog bites my "child". I'm tellin' ya, how all you did was punch him I'll never know. I'd have called the cops. What a bully that man was. No wonder his dog's a bully, too.

  5. miss momma tea,

    you didn't do anythingie wrong, so pretty please don't feel bad like! i would bopped that guy on the nose twice! what a dork muffin! it's totally his responsibility to take care of his doggie, just like you were sayin'. you had to do what was necessary to keep richie safe, and the fact that the guy just laughed and watched really gets me all GRRRR inside. i'm sorry you had such a scare today. :(
    me and asa and mama are so glad that richie is a-okay!

    the booker man

  6. We shall have to call you 'Rocky' instead of Trudi now.
    Well done.

  7. Thank goodness you are both ok!


  8. I am with you 100%. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. Don't feel bad about it at all - you had to protect Richie and you did. Enough said!

    Sounds like you run pretty fast. Maybe I should have asked you to be my coach for the big race!

    Love, Pip

  9. Wow! You are brave-so glad that "owner" got a punch in the nose-he deserved a lot worse! He wouldn't have been laughing so hard if you had to present him with a vet bill!

    Good for you!

    P.S. Glad both you and your pooch are alright:-)

  10. I always say that to know the dog is to know the owner. They are always the same. The dog will copy from the owner. You did the right thing to protect your dog. Maybe you should have reported it too so it doesn't ever happen again. I'm glad your baby is OK....and you too.

  11. Oh, Momma Tea! I just LUVS you! Good for you for bopping that dog and THEN that human on the nose! They both deserved it. And Amber's totally and completely right - the dog is just acting like his owner and that's very, very sad. I'm just ever so glad that neither one of you were hurt!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Frankie's MOM here... I think you were totally RIGHT in how you went about protecting Richie and YOURSELF!! I think that... person.. deserved it.
    Poor Richie.. he is getting wholloped from all directions. April will be here.. SOON. WHEW!!!
    Love you!!!!

  13. OMD! You're the woman!!! Richie's lucky to have a Mom like you! You go!

    The Road Dogs

  14. How scary! We are glad you are very quick thinking.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! I'm glad that you and Richie weren't hurt. Maybe you need to start carrying pepper spray!

  16. You were totally justified, we're very glad you and Richie were not seriously hurt, and you're "lucky" it happened in England. If you'd been in the U.S., guns would probably have been involved. We're so sorry you and Richie were subjected to this outrage, but there's something to be said for knowing that your instincts are good and you can act quickly and decisively in an emergency, instead of freezing or just standing there and screaming. So pat yourself on the back. Americans love scrappy dames.

    Jed & Abby's mama, ML

  17. Oh Miss Momma Tea, I'm so sorry to hear that a mean dog hurt Richie's leggy! My mom had to punch a mean dog on the nose a bunch of times one day to make it let go of my neck and that dog's people were no help at all. You were right to punch that horrible "man" right in the nose and we think you are very brave and strong! We're glad you and Mr. Richie are okay and hope things calm down quickly at your house!