Monday, 28 February 2011

Thank You Does Not Cover It

I have really found myself lost for words over the last week, this in itself is miraculous as I don’t think it has ever happened before. Trying to find the words to convey how I feel has been almost impossible because Thank You does not even come close to covering it.  The generosity of you all has boggled my mind but your compassion and support has quite literally blown me away, it is very humbling. You have restored my faith in the human race with the kindness you are showing us.

All the wonderful things you are doing and have done and have arranged in such a short space of time is testament to the PAWESOMENESS of The Blogville family. We may be scattered all over the globe and most of us will never meet sadly but a family is what we have become and I am a very proud and happy member of this family.

So to all of you I say



For everything you are doing and have done, Thank you for all the support you have given past and present and Thank you for being you ! The world is a far better place for having all of you in it.


With All of My Love

Momma Tea


  1. Oh Momma T, it is just wonderfuls to be ables to help. Ya'll mean alot to us so we is happies to be theres fur ya.
    We loves ya'll.


  2. We agree... it is OUR pleasure! You are a wonderful woman and we are lucky to know you.
    ~Maggie, Milly, and Shelby

  3. We love Momma Tea!


  4. We know you would do the same thing for all of us! I agree, we are one big bloggie family.

    Love, Pip

  5. you just get the things when you less expect it ... you really get to know the people in the hard times and rude moments we have to go through and i always say people with pets are the most common to help and do good deeps for those other in need =0]

    Those furbabies are Angels on a leash!