Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Hey Blogville, You have made such a difference to me over the last week or so, you have restored my faith in the human  race and boosted my faith in dog – kind even more. I am still feeling pretty pants physically but mentally I am feeling more pawsitive thanks to all of you. A big, huge, massive THANK YOU to Jill, Zona, Phoenix and Cali for the wonderful parcel of goodies you sent to us, the poochies adored Peetunia and Roobarb although I wasn’t keen on Roobarb in bed with me and Richie he makes the most odd noise when I laid on him. It was such a lovely surprise and filled with such thoughtful items all of which will be put to good use .


I was gob smacked by the kindness and thoughtfulness of your gift Thank You again.

Richie has a wonderful shiny new dog tag as he is all official now I thought he deserved it and he does look so handsome in it.


Don’t you agree ? I think it really suits him and I know his Popster approves too.  We are going to get started on blogville badges again tomorrow, I get all the boring bits of finding the backgrounds and the furballs get the fun of creating them but thats ok with me…………….lol.

It keeps the mind active which is a good thing in my opinion.

Anyway Off to rest for a bit now n snuggle with the furballs


Momma Tea

xxx      xxx


  1. hehehe I just gotta ask...
    did you happen to roll over onto the COLD WET toys in the night???? hehehehe
    NO hurry on those Badges... I am serious!!!

    Richie looks sooooooo pleased with his new tag!!!!!
    I loved the email you sent me last night. I have read it 4 times! Just so you know.. It meant a LOT to me!!!

  2. what a handsome fellah in the photo =0] ... i'm so glad you are feeling in the happy mood today ...


  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment about Lady. You have a very good eye for people and the dogs they love. I'm seeing her ghost everywhere. Meaning; all those little things you do everyday, expecting to step over her (one of our most highly skilled speed bumps), looking behind you to see if she is coming when I open the door, thinking I see her out of the corner of my eye, in HER spot in the MDX - just everyday things, the unconscious expectations. For almost 3 years she was my constant companion. While working virtual office, enjoying unemployment, loving our vacations - she was always there - we were inseparable. Now she's gone and its a little spooky.
    I can write about it, but I can't quite talk about it yet. Again, thanks so much for sending such a wonderful, encouraging message.

  4. Richie does look very handsome in his new tag. My mom doesn't allow me to bring my toys in bed - so I have to sneak them under the covers when she is not looking.

    We are glad you are feeling better - that's really the only thanks we need. When you feel better, we all feel better.

    Love, Pip

  5. Thank you so much for your wonderful post on my blog today.
    your love and hugs really healed my heart.
    Richie is soooooo lucky to have you!
    I am so glad we have met!

  6. That tag looks fantastical on Richie! He seems so pleased!! I'm glad you like your goodie box... I have to say I got a little chuckle out of imagining the funny noises the toy makes in bed. BOL!

    Zona and Friends