Friday, 29 July 2011

Frightening Friday !

This afternoon has been fraught to say the least ! Our morning was nice and relaxed and calm with lots of snuggles all round. Ronnii is being a bit of a grumble bum but it is that delicate girly time for her so that is understandable. Actually her previous times she did not have an awful lot of showing but she is this time, we think it could be because she is better condition now she was. She eats really well now and you should see her jump with joy when her leash comes out, she not only asks for walkies now she blooming well demands them. Anyway on with our afternoon, Uji and I were going into town to see his pal Joey and my friend Lyn. Well Uji and I toddled off and got the bus down to where Lyn works and we sat and had a natter there for a while before deciding to go to the local coffee shop. Lyn went in to get the drinks while I held Joey and Uji was sniffing around the tables outside thats when the trouble began. Uji managed to get his leash tangled round one of the metal chairs which make a nasty noise when they move and before I could untangle him he wriggled out of his harness and ran hell for leather towards the big dual carriage way. Some people started to chase him which only frightened him all the more and he was getting so close to the road, so I screamed at them to stop chasing him and I called to  him, he didn’t come back but he did stop and look round which gave a very nice young man a chance to grab him by his jammies and hold onto him while Joey and I ran down to where he was. I can honestly say I have never, ever been so scared in all my life. It scared Uji as well and we were both shaking ( me more I think ) I refused to put him down all the time we were out after that. I keep getting ‘ What If ‘ syndrome now which is horrid, as you can imagine his harness has been tightened up now and he is going to get his microchip next week before we go away .

On top of that I have had a visit from Mangos Nemesis that evil old SM but after the Uji scare it is not surprising really but I am ok a little shaky still but ok and Uji is fine now. Poor little guy I can’t imagine how scary it must have been to have those people chasing after him Thank Dog he had his jammies on today or they young man would never have caught hold of him..

Anyhoo thats about it for today, catch you all again soon.


Momma Tea


  1. Oh that sounds like a nightmare. I am so glad it turned out well in the end. Even so, if you are anything like me, you will be reliving it over and over again. I hope your weekend is relaxing and you can try to put it out of your mind. -x-

  2. Oh Mercy Me.. Miss TEA that was a day... to put WELL BEHIND YOU fur SURE!!
    I am so glad that everythingy turned out OKAY in the end.
    Sooooo sorry that the SM came to visit you, on top of the other thingys.
    I hope that the Weekend gives you ALL a chance to recover!!! WHEW!!
    Hugs to you!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so scary! This is pretty much my biggest fear. Pip would not run away at this point, but I worry about one of the cats escaping out the back door and taking off. I am so glad everything is OK.

    I am always filled with what ifs and they can be as stressful as real life. Try to relax. I don't know much about seizures, but I am sure stress only makes them worse. Please take care and get some rest.

    Love, Pip & Kristin

  4. OMD What a frightening experience. I can only begin to imagine how totally fearful you must have been when Uji scooted towards the traffic. Thank heavens that young man was in the right place at the right time to scoop him to safety, not by the seat of his pants, but by the top of his jammies.

    I'm so sorry that the nasty SM showed his face, but am praying for you that all is well now.

    Have a wonderful Holiday. Relax and enjoy your time away.

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  6. Oh goodness! Glad everyone is ok. What an eventful day!