Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blue n Balding

I have to be honest this has been my worst treatment cycle yet not just because I feel so awful but because of how low I am feeling. On several occasions this week I have found myself in floods of tears just wanting my best friend to be here not that I have not missed her during all of this but for some reason this week has been the worst. Seems such a silly thing to get so upset about when all I have to do is pick up the phone but the last thing I want to do is pick up the phone hear her voice and burst into tears on her which at the moment is highly likely…

On a plus side I am done now it is coming up to four years now since I was told to prepare my family for the worst and I am still here, stubborn, grumpy and moody as ever . I want to take my life back properly and deciding enough is enough is the first step. Lional the lurgy-fied lump has not changed in size or shape for the last four checks so I am happy to leave it at that and just keep having regular checks if it decides to start growing again then the powers that be can blooming well chop the darn thing out. I want my life, my energy, my oomph and my hair back !

Now for something completely different- Izzy is settling in so well and it feels like she has always been here, I have never had such a cuddlesome dog before and it is rather sweet but the more she comes out of her shell and showing her character the more I adore her. She has a cheeky streak and can be a right little minx, she can pin Uji on his back in 5 seconds when playing which is amazing when you see how tiny she is. She would eat and eat and eat if I let her and she can be a bit nawty trying to steal Uji’s noms if she gets the chance but we keep an eye on her so she doesn’t. She curls up with Ronnii very happily for naps and last night she and Uji curled up together on my bed like two little kidney beans it was very cute. I think Uji wishes she was a bit more playful but he does love having another nekkid little furiend living with us.

Ronnii bless her heart takes everything in her stride she is a little star, Does not matter what comes through the door she just mooches around and watches happy in the knowledge she is loved and adored and always will be. I am a little worried about her though what with her coming into season every few weeks now and knowing she has to have surgery next month. The vet thinks it would be a wise move as it would stop her getting Pyometra and it will stop her feeling so icky when she is in heat. At her age I just want her to have the best and most comfortable life she can and if this surgery will aid that then I would be a terrible owner if I didn’t give her that. It does not stop me worrying though, any surgery is always a risk and when you add her age and her trachea issues it is a little more risky for her but Anthony our vet is awesome and I trust him completely and I know he would not suggest this if he did not think it was necessary but well you know…………….

Right that my posty done and I am off to snuggle down under the duvet with the dogs and rest now .


Momma Tea


  1. Dear Tea,
    I think that you have every right to feel a little blue right now. The treatments truly do take the Starch out of one. PLUS.. the shorter darker and cooler days put us in a Funk and that is a fact.
    I suspect that within a week or two you will be feeling much better Physically and "ColorWise" also. And I know that you WILL have your lovely life back to normal then.
    I do think that Ronnii will be much better off once she has her WhoWhoectomy. I am very much(as Frankie would say) sure of that...
    P.S. I will be sending you an email soon... something I want to share Just with YOU...
    Hugs from Our Hill,

  2. I am sorry you are feeling blue. Frankie is right, you have every right to feel what you are feeling and sometimes you just have to let yourself feel what you are feeling and not fight it. I have wasted many years trying not to feel what I am feeling and it never works ...we always just feel what we feel.

    Just remember is always darkest right before dawn. Hang on through the darkness because the light is on its way. My dad used to tell me this when I was really down is a nice thought and I believe it is true for you!!

    Love to you and all the furries!

    Kristin & Pip

  3. P.S.: I really like your new header!

  4. You DO know that we are with you... no matter WHAT Color you are sporting!!! LOL

  5. You are such a strong lady, Momma Tea! I know you are feeling blue, which is completely understandable, but I hope you also know that you are an inspiration!!!

    Hugs and wags,
    Jill and Zona