Friday, 16 March 2012

Oh My Word ! Crufts 2012 (part 1)


It has taken me a week to recover from Crufts but oh my word it was wonderful. I have always dreamed of going since I was around 14 years of age and the reality was better than I imagined. I saw so many wonderful breeds I had only ever seen pictures of in discover dogs, I could have stayed there all day long.


This is Diva who was in the Chinese Crested stand of Discover dogs, she leapt over the barrier into my arms and I spent a long time having cuddles and kisses from her. She also took great pleasure in sticking her rather long tongue up my nose the cheeky girl.


This beautiful little Italian Greyhound was just the sweetest little girl and I am rather keen on this breed as they do go well with Cresties.


I could have happily snaffled this little lady away in my backpack she was just adorable and she had the softest fur I have ever felt on a puggle.



I was rather keen on finding the Polish Lowland Sheepdogs as I have a fondness for them after reading Wilfs blog and these two little girl did not disappoint me they were just darling and I am sure Wilf would have approved.


This cute little chap is a Komondor and what a lush lad he was too


His coat was amazing and I was so glad to finally see one of these magnificent dogs in the fur at last.



This Estrela Mountain Dog had such a gentle expression and his coat was like fluffy clouds ohh how I wished I had a big house .

I found the perfect dog for my OH and me, I like my baldy babes and the OH likes a floofy dog so can you guess what I found that was so perfect ?


A Lowchen and can you guess why it is so perfect though?


The best of both worlds ! I get a baldy butt and the OH gets a silky floofy front end how awesome is that?


Part two to follow


  1. I have always loved Italian greyhounds, too. I have never actually known one, but they are just so adorable. The Estrela Mountain dog looks like the dog (Brutus) that I had as a kid. Brutus was a mix - shepherd and collie - but he had that same coloring and gentle face.


  2. I wish I lived on the other side of the pond so I could go to Crufts some day too. Thanks for taking us along. I can't wait for the next part.


  3. OMD OMD.... did you see GEORGE THE LAD THERE??? He was fur SURE there... IN THE FURS.
    I am sooooo glad that you got to go and had such an amayzing time. Love all the pics and descriptions... THANKS fur Sharing your wonderful adventure with us!!!

  4. Sounds like a great time!