Saturday, 25 February 2012

The answer is 42


Good morning all, today the OH is off to celebrate umpteen years of Warhammer with the chaps at the shop where he supervises gaming on Saturdays and he has been set a challenge to paint a wee model to game standard in 25 minutes. Now anyone who knows my OH will know what a perfectionist he is with these wee models so I think he will be hard pressed to do this but I am hopeful he will prevail all the same. He should have a fun day though he does enjoy his gaming although I will never understand the fascination myself but as long as it is something that makes him happy it is good.

My pain pills are helping a bit they are taking the edge off the pain even if they do make me somewhat sleepy. I wish I was more positive about other things though, my sons surgery has been scheduled and I WILL be there for that. I am still concerned about it although I think the fact it is scheduled for the 22nd of March has set my mind at rest a little bit if they were seriously concerned about the lump they would have made sure it was done sooner I think , don’t you?

As for the other issue that really upset me with my ‘friend’ well now I am drawing a line under that after other people got dragged into it ( not by me I might add ) and I felt somewhat ganged up on so I have now decided that any association I have had with those involved is over. I will not be treated like this, I will not made to feel like this over what ever imagined slight has been perceived . So as far as I am concerned I am done and it is over with. Peace will reign again, Stress levels will go down and I will stop crying over it.

It has made me realise that maybe I should not take people at face value anymore though which is sad and that perhaps my people judgement skills are somewhat off kilter these days after being ill for so long . Whatever it is this has made me very wary now and I will hold back with any one new I meet because of this which is rather sad.

On a lighter note the weather is warming up a little which is making for more garden time for the Trio which they seem to be most happy about and I cannot wait for the summer to get here so the door can be left open all day for them to wander in and out as they please. Uji continues to thrive and gambol about like a mad bald lamb, he really is amazing he is so in tune with me which I love. Ronnii is her usual Queen Bee self albeit a little slower these days and Izzy well Princess Izzy just wants to be loved ALL the time and will push the others out of the way so we are working on that she is still getting her evil SM visits but they are less severe  ( thank heavens ) and she copes with them so well. My trio are just amazing, inspiring and wonderful. Life would be very dull indeed without them.

I would like to say sorry on their behalf for our lack of posts & comments at the moment but my hands are swollen and painful at the present time and typing for any length of time is most uncomfortable but they are reading everyone’s posts and woofing about them together.


Momma Tea

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  1. I Totally agree with you about the lump. Doctors never WAIT if they think something is dangerous.

    Good for you for putting the Friendship Fray behind you.

    I am so glad that the pain pills are starting to work.

  2. Hurray for pain pills and for letting go of negativity and stress in your life. Sometimes, all we can do is let go and move on. I have been trying to do the same thing myself - not always successfully! Wishing you peace, love and blessings.

  3. I sure hope your medication continues to work and that you're feeling better soon.

    In the past few years I have tried to distance myself from those who are negative either in the way they treat me, or in the way they chose to live their lives.

    I admire you for putting space between you and those who have hurt you. It's hard, but you will be so much happier in the long run. Shame on those who have brought pain and unhappiness to your life. The boys and I are sending tons of Newfie love and slobbery smoochies.