Sunday, 1 April 2012

A huge empty space

Ronnii has left a huge empty space in our lives, I cant say she has left one in our hearts because we will always love her even though she is not physically here with us. There is just so many things we miss and it is not just us missing her, Uji grew up having her there , showing how he should behave and with her watching over him right to the last. She put Ziggy in his pace when she thought he was getting a tad to rough with ‘her’ boy. Uji has been looking for her but Ziggy has been distracting him . Izzy is missing her snuggle buddy and is rather grumpy with world right now but that is understandable and it will take time for all of us.

She had not been herself for a little while now, her trachea cough had worsened, she was very panty and she had slowed down a lot. On Wednesday she collapsed a couple of times but soon picked herself up and carried on then on Thursday morning as we got up she collapsed and tinkled herself and did not get up, she couldn’t. I took her to the vet and I thought we would not make it in time but we did and he saw her and checked her over. Her heart murmur had gotten worse, her trachea was worse and she was in congestive heart failure and she was a little blue. So he gave her some medication for her heart and said he hoped it would work as she was a little fighter. Thursday night The Popster yelled at me to get out of the bath and get downstairs. Ronnii was panting very hard and was bluer so we phoned Ronnii’s Uncle Fred to rush me and her to the Hospital in Ashford where they put her straight into an oxygen tent for about 30 minutes while they were dealing with another patient. When done I spoke to the lovely Vet there and she said she had ‘pinked up’ there were options but would I like to see her before we decided. We went out and as soon as they opened the door to the oxygen tent she started to pant heavily and go blue again very rapidly as which point the vet and I knew there were no more options.

I went out with Uncle Fred while they put a line in my girl while she was still in the tent and then they called me back in.

She crossed over in my arms with me telling her how much joy she had bought into our lives, how much we loved her and how very special she IS, all the while stroking her gently and holding her close. I carried on talking to her even after she had crossed. It was peaceful and dignified for Ronnii which is as it should be.

She was my little diva to the end and she did have the last say so to speak when her bladder emptied but I would not have had it any other way. She always had the last word.


Jessica the vet said she wished more people carried on speaking after their pets crossed as she said the hearing is the last thing to go. I do not know if that is true but it did give me a small measure of comfort .

I shall close with this , it seems appropriate. They are together again.

Momma Tea


  1. Oh Momma Tea...I am going to try to type past the tears. You and the Popster gave Ronii a beautiful, loving life and I know she gave you much more in return. Thank you for giving her a home and loving her til the end.
    Ronii will always be in our hearts just like Molly and Richie...and they will always be remembered.
    We send you all our hugs and love and we are thinking of you all.

    Allison and Puddles and family

  2. Momma Tea,
    I know it was a very hard decision, but you did what was best for Ronnii.
    Sure she is now free of pain and having a super snuggly time with Richi.
    We are thinking of you
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs
    Lorenza and mom

  3. Oh... oh goodness. I am so sorry. :( I do not know what to say, but we are very sad here for your loss. I know that was a very difficult decision to make and I am just so sorry you had to go through that. She is in a happy place and free to fun and have fun and be her little diva self. :)

  4. My dear friend Trudy,
    I almost made it through reading this without the tears flowing and then bang,,,,, when you wrote about talking to her after she passed it brought back so many memories of our previous babies and how I did exactly the same thing with the hopes that they knew to the very end how much they were loved and what an important part of our family they were.

    Much love and Newfie Hugs,
    Leo, Grady and Mom.

  5. I am so very very sorry. I can imagine the huge empty space. But, remember what an incredible life you gave Ronnii, so full of love and fun. You showered her in love until the very end. I know that you must miss her terribly but what a wonderful dog she was.

    My thoughts are with you.

  6. Reading this brought back memories of past pets I've had to put down. It never gets any easier, does it?

    I know Ronnii heard you as you spoke to her and she knew just how much she was loved. She'll always live on in your heart.