Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A short ( hopefully ) Rant and other things

Ok so I have not been blogging much lately but the Krew and I have been reading even if we have not been commenting. There are various reasons why we have not been as active as usual but I wont go into them now. I am having a rant now and with darn good reason too and I know you will agree with me.

Here in our little town of Blogville we are not just bloggers, we are not just friends, we are a family ! Yes our family be a little odd and sometimes dysfunctional but what family isn’t. This family cares about each and every one of it’s members which is I am so angry ( angry does not even come close to how I am feeling right now ).

One of our family has been attacked in a most disgusting manner by a cowardly, nasty, and quite frankly disgusting  anonymous commenter. A commenter who is not man or woman enough to use their name which says a lot.

Our beloved Miss Sandra of the Houston Pittie Pack has been quite distraught by these comments which I will not repeat here. Sandra has done so much for so many dogs, without a thought for herself, she is one of Blogville’s most kindest, caring, loving and amazing people. Sandra has been to hell and beyond in the last few months and has at struggled to keep herself together at times which is understandable after the horrendous things she and her family have been through.

How dare an anonymous person now hurt and upset her like this, well let me say this to the coward that has done this, You may have written your nasty words in Kissa-Bulls blog but the whole of Blogville has their backs and you now have to contend with us. We do not like it when one of our own is attacked in this manner, we like it even less when the comments are as despicable as yours.


They say Karma is a b*tch, well that b*itch is after you now BIG TIME !!!

To Sandra, Please do not take the words of a cowardly, moronic, pathetic piece of scum keep you from your family here in Blogville.

We all love you and want you to stay.

Please go over to their blog and leave them a few words of support I know they would be much appreciated . You will find them HERE


A Furious Momma Tea


PS. Sorry my rant was not exactly short


  1. Oh, Momma Tea...I just luvs you to bits! You said exactly what all of us are thinking. We think there must be something very rotten in somebody's soul to be so mean to someone so kind. I'm just glad that we can show Mommish Sandra that there are lots of us out here who luvs her AND her pibbles!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Nah, not short, but well-deserved. I can't imagine someone doing that. We shared our love with Sandra this morning!

  3. Momma Tea,

    We agrees wif you 100% !

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  4. Ooooooh you done opened your can of whoop ass! You go girl! I so whole heartedly agrees withs all you said!
    It's pathetic to think a hooman has so much tome on their hands.
    Oh and I likes to hunt as ya'll knows...take that how you likes...MWHAHAHAHAHA...we can hunt togedders.


  5. Dear Auntie Tea... YOU said what we are ALL thinking. THANK YOU.
    I was soooooo furious when I heard this that I was hopin we could find this IDIOT and all POOP in his or her Shoes!!!
    WAY TO GO... SUPER RANT !!!!

    1. I completely agree! If you need additional poop make sure to call us! There is no poop like Great Dane poop! It smells of revenge! We gonna pop over to Sandra's to give her a piece of love now!
      Indigo the Great Dane.

  6. We didn't see what the coward said but we CAN and DO agree with you! If the scum can't say anything nice and helpful THEN STAY away from the rest of us. You did good when you "opened your can of whoop ass!" Hope they take the hint...
    Mom Barb for the pack
    PeeEss: will stop by Sandra and leave a caring comment for sure!!!

  7. I am oosooally a vewy non aggwessive doggie, BUT. No one huwts my deew blogville family and doesn't get me to weact. I am wif you a thousand pawcent and woold fly back to the good old US of A to let that mostwoos cowawd know just what a tewwiew is like when hew family is being huwt
    Dispicabull, cowawd that that monstew is. We love auntie Sandwa and all the kissy bullies

    Smoochie kisses
    Asta and Mad mad Mommi

  8. Oh no! Why can't people just be nice? Is it really so difficult? UGH!

  9. There is so much bad karma coming at that a-hole he/she is not going to know what hit him. A regular Tsunami of bad is going to come their way.

    Thank you for this heartfelt post we are with you and Miss Sandra 100%.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. some people are heartless

    Benny & Lily

  11. We agrees with you. Karma will come and bite them on the A$$ for sure. Sniffs, The HoundDogs