Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hello Again

Well it has been a bit of a week really, it started well on Saturday with the arrival of Missi and she has been a shining light in our dark days along with our other fuzz balls. She is the teeniest, tiniest pup I have ever had the joy to own and I will be eternally grateful for being allowed to be her Mom.
We had some bad news on Monday with the passing of Steve’s Dad, we knew he ad been unwell for some time but his passing was sudden and unexpected and it as it Steve rather hard to be honest. My friend Lyn has been a tower of strength as usual, we are blessed to have her as a friend we really are. I honestly think we would be lost without her friendship and support. We love you Lyn I hope you know that.
Then today the world was hoping against hope that Belfast City Council would show a little common sense, mercy and compassion but no they could not and Lovely Lennox was destroyed. My heart is breaking for his family who were not allowed to say goodbye to their beloved boy or to even have his body back. I would like to know why they cannot have their boy back in death, do they have something to hide ?
I know we need to campaign against the DDA here in the UK as it is seriously misguided for want of a better word most of it relies on measurements which is just ridiculous in my opinion as many dogs will fit the measurements.
Anyway if you would like to light a candle for Lennox please follow this LINK

Anyway my lovely friends that’s about it for now, my love to you all

Momma Tea
xxx         xxx


  1. Oh Tea, Please tell Steve how sorry I am to hear of his father's sudden passing. It is always more difficult when there is no real indication.

  2. Oh gosh, I am so sorry for Steve. Please let him know he is in our thoughts. I am so heartbroken about Lennox. I really thought there would be a miracle at the last minute and that they would at least allow him to be re-homed in the states or elsewhere. I can't help wondering if they put him down ages ago and are just now covering their tracks. Maybe this is why they wouldn't let the family see him because he was already gone ...

  3. Momma Tea,

    Sending love and prayers to Mr. Steve and you, so sorry for your loss but we are so happy to hear about Missi, and we welcome her with boxer wiggles and wags!

    Maggie Mae and Max (mom too)

    PeeS Max and me just went and lit a candle for Lennox. Shame on da BCC!