Monday, 20 August 2012

My precious babes

My friend Kat came round on Friday to sit in the garden with me and she bought her beautiful Puggle Sidney with her ( yes the same gorgeous Sidney we fostered for a wee while ). Now everyone in our family adores Siddles except for poor Ziggy. Ziggy went for him as soon as Siddles was in the hall but thankfully the baby gate was closed, it isn’t that he does not like Sids more he is scared of him ( Ziggy is scared of so much bless him ) and his actions were definitely fear aggression. So Ziggy went into his crate ( his safe place ) with a very large frozen bone to nom on and he was very happy to be in there. It was a very, very hot day so he was better off in there to be fair as we could not stay in the garden for too long at a time and the other dogs had to have sunscreen on ( which Zigster hates ).

We had the wading pool filled as it was THAT hot and Uji got put in there, Sid got put in and little Missi went in too, the only one that didn’t was Izzy as I am still keeping her stress levels down as her seizures are still not stable. She did get a a jug of water poured slowly over her though to keep her cool. We had a very nice visit with our friends though which was fab as I have not seen Kat in what seems like forever.

After Kat and Sid had gone and Ziggy had had a dip in the pool we settled down on a mat on the grass as we finally had some shade. Missi and Uji curled up between my knees, Izzy behind them towards my ankles and Ziggy beside me. We had soft music playing with me singing quietly ( in case the neighbours heard dog forbid…lol ) it was heavenly. I got the most wonderful, wonderful snuggles from Uji, with him gazing up into my eyes while I stroked his neck. SHEER BLISS !!!! He even let me get rid of his tough follicles which he normally hates me doing.

I have to say I felt very emotional but I can honestly say I felt such pure happiness and contentment, the kind that is all to rare in life these days it was just truly joyous.

My babies give me a reason to get up every morning, they make me smile with their silly antics, they love me regardless of if I am fat, feeing crappy, look terrible or have weird hair colours. Their love has no preconceptions or limits, being loved by an animal is in my opinion the purest love of all, they just love us for us. It does not get better than that !


  1. Oh MY... your day sounds so BLISSFUL. What a wonderful way to top it off. Nothing like cuddles and snuggles with our furbabies.
    I so agree.. they make waking up.. a Joy.

  2. What a Most Beautiful Day and a Most Beautiful Postie, Momma Tea. My mom says she feels the same way abouts us. Even on her most saddest days, at least one of us are able to make her smile.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I know how Ziggy feels. I get skeered of other doggies, too, sometimes and puff myself up real big so they'll go away.