Wednesday, 3 July 2013

EEEEKK Having a bit of a stressy

I am pretty pants at flying at the best of times but flying alone with a connecting flight is enough to give me the biggest wiggins ever. Now add to that Uji has a mahoosive lump on his back that warranted a trip to the vets today, I thought when it started coming up at the weekend that is was just going to be one of his Mount Vesuvius spots but no it got bigger and bigger but no head on it . So we trekked off to the vets ohh heck we have to go back tomorrow for a needle biopsy without sedation and if they cannot manage that they will give my baby a GA and take a bigger biopsy. The results wont be ready until I am at some silly height flying off to see my BFF. The C word was mentioned but is unlikely however it was mentioned and lets face it that is enough to send the sub conscious to go into over drive.  I have my fingers crossed it is something simple and easily treatable but you can’t help but worry over them can you ? Especially when you are going away …….

I have packed my main suitcase three times tonight with the help of my lovely OH , thank dog for him I would have gone all stressy rampagy without him. I am so looking forward to seeing my BFF it has been far, far, FAR too long since we last saw each other and I am really looking forward to meeting Sandra & her family as well as hopefully Meeting Sarah as well. Plus I am going to have a lovely long chinwag with Frankie’s Mom which will be pawesome too.

So as you can imagine right now I am feeling up one minute and down the next but hopefully after his biopsy tomorrow all will settle down.

I would ask for your prayers for my Uji Bear though as every little helps as we all know so well. The power of Blogville is monumental !



Momma Tea

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  1. We think Ujio probably just has one of those silly BUMP thingys that we ALL get and they are nothing to worry about. We will have our PAWS CROSSED VERY MUCH TIGHTLY that the Biopsy goes EASY and that all is well. OUR prayers are with you all.

    Hey K-Krew... did you make sure to get a Sign Ready fur your mum to wear... so if she gets losted somebuddy can FIND her.
    Maybe you should see about having her Microchipped... That way they can SCAN her and put her on the right planes.
    WE are looking forward to the Chin Wag ourselves... It will be so exciting fur mom and while YOUR Mum keeps HER bizzy... we can get into stuffs. BaaaaWaaaah.