Saturday, 6 July 2013

Well I am Stateside

The flight from Heathrow to Atlanta was pretty uneventful well apart from the fact the girl sitting next to me fell asleep and I didn’t like to wake her up so I could use the bathroom so I didn’t pee until about 45 minutes before we landed………….lol. My ankles and feet swelled up which is new but thankfully after a nights rest they have gone down a lot .

Atlanta was interesting to put it politely, because the queues in immigration were so looooooooooooooong I missed my connecting flight by 2 minutes, hearing that news made me burst into tears even though I knew I was going to miss it. I then found the Budweiser lounge and had three cokes and two cigarettes and felt a lot better after those and a phone call to my OH.

I went and waited for the next flight after having been sent to the wrong gate for it, then they changed the gate so off I wandered to the new gate and waited and waited and waited some more to be told I had been upgraded to economy comfort YAY thought I . But then they announced the flight was over sold by 5 seats and would 5 people like to volunteer to get off for 300 delta dollars……………… Hmmmm not many takers but eventually they had four and we all waited nearly 50 minutes for them to find the 5th person. They upped the delta dollar off and THANK DOG someone took them up on it. We finally got on the plane and had a very turbulent journey to Houston and there waiting was a the most fabulous sight my BFF Kerrie and her son with my suitcase that had gone on my original flight. Yet again I blubbed but for the right reasons this time

So all’s well that end’s well

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  1. OKAY..... NOW that it is ALL BEHIND YOU... you gotta admit that it was kinda funny.... NOW THAT IT IS JUST A MEMORY... LOL
    It was all washed away by the comforting sound of the OH's voice and the sight of your friend and your luggage. Sort of like giving birth... all the TOUGH stuff is forgotten when the bundle of joy is handed over.
    I am SO glad that you did FINALLY make it all safe and sound to HOUSTON.
    Put those feet up and RELAX... and have some fun with your friend and her son. YOU DESERVE IT..