Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Having A Wonderful Time

but missing my OH and pups very much indeed. Will know on Thursday if I am staying longer and if I am I will be flying back to the UK on the 2nd of August. This means I will miss my Dad’s 75th Birthday but I am sure he will understand. It has be awesome to meet fellow dog bloggers in the fur and what awesomely amazing folks and pups they are too, they made me feel so welcome and at ease which for me is quite a feat indeed as I find meeting new people very difficult indeed. I have also spoken to some others on the phone and again I felt like I had known them forever. Thank you to all of you for making me feel so comfortable and at ease.

The boys are a joy to be around and the youngest makes me laugh so much he is a real cheeky chappy, I love them both so much. My BFF is holding her own and has ups and downs but she is getting there and I love being with her so very much and I know I am going to break my heart when it is time to leave them all. That said I am going to start saving very hard to come back next year and hopefully bring my OH with me too !!!!

The weather is helping me so much I am hardly getting any pain which so great but I dread to think what it will be like when I get back to the UK so am putting that away to the deepest recesses of my mind now and ignoring it……lol.

Anyway that is my little update for now

Big Texan Hugs to y’all and I will leave you with this




Momma Tea

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  1. OH Auntie Tea, we hate to think that you might be going home early, butt we DO totally understand that you miss your FAMILY and Fur Babies.
    WE will call you tomorrow ... in the afternoon.
    Can't stand letting you so without another Chin Wag.
    Sending Y'All some hoooooge Hugs from our hill.