Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hot & Heated

Well afternoon all, it has certainly heated up here now and it is making us all hot, sticky and a bit grumpy. Typical of us Brits though we moan when it rains and we moan when the weather is good… go figure. Well I have had to pop out today and Momo has had a nice peaceful couple of hours on her own just chillin on her cooling mat with the fan blowin and one of her crunchy frozen treats to she had a nice time. Me on the other hand has had a moan at the bank teller and told her I will be closing my account…… all because of their stupid new rules. You can only withdraw £100 ( $150 ) or more over the counter as that cuts queues. Like stink does it as there were so many people complaining the queues were longer than ever. I said it was all well and good but I wanted an odd £5 in my cash & the ATM does not dish out fivers so I was told to use a different banks ATM…………. is it me or is that just plain dumb? I never get more than £100 in this account says I to the teller…… Well it looks like you are only going to use ATM machines then says she……. great customer service says I as I turn and walk out.

Apart from that the trip was not too bad I got Momo her fav venison sausages and some natural yoghurt and some very cute spotty butterfly barrettes ( getting the hang of UK/USA multi expressions now ) and can’t wait to get some photos of her now. But will have to wait until her icky eyes are better bless her they are starting to bother her more now and add to that her front paw nibbling but she is seeing her nice new Dr tomorrow so hopefully he will sort her out and ease it all for her. She is such a little poppit* ( *angel, sweetie, honey-bun ) she never moans or whinges. She is an inspiration and certainly shames me when I sit and feel sorry for myself. Her hair is growing in thick and fast now and although I am so pleased about it I am kind of sad too as I love how soft her skin is and how lovely she feels with her baldie bits ( silly thing that I am ) but as we both seem to be becoming less follically challenged together it is still way cool.

Anyway that’s about from here as we are waiting for Penny to get here ( Penny is Mollys Aunty Wilma ) and as Molly gets very excited when she arrives I had better close.

Thank you all so much for your support in the competition it is very much appreciated.


Momo’s Momma

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