Sunday, 27 June 2010

Soccer Shambles Sunday

Well yet again we have been trounced in the footie I really dunno why I get my hopes up every time . Lets hope I have learned my lesson this time around fingers crossed anyway. I should go and take my flags down soon I guess.

Molly seems more herself today thank goodness although the heat it getting to her which is understandable but she is enjoying her special ice lollies and crunch’s them with gusto. I am going to see if the vet I took Doogie to will take her which would be a major improvement I will never take her back to the other one again that is for certain. I am still rather amazed that so called animal people could leave a poorly blind pooch sitting there all day like that with no water …. I can’t begin to imagine what was going on in their heads. I will be interested to see what the response to my email will be.

Anyway flags to take down and what not so

Tarra for now

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