Saturday, 4 September 2010

I don’t have the words

To express quite how I feel right now but I am still reading all my girlys dear furiends blogs and comments and to say they are touching my heart is an understatement. I will NOT be closing her blog it will be left open as it is fitting for it to be left open as a tribute to my angels strength, courage, determination. love and general wonderfulness.

All I can say right now is

Thank you so very much.


( Always Mollys Momma )


  1. you know each and every one of us that reads this blog is with you at the moment, and thinking of you and Molly's poppa.


  2. I am glad you will be leaving Molly's blog open. She would like that ...

    Love, Pip

  3. Ohh Pip to close it would be too painful for me as we have spent so many happy hours together working on it, her barking her orders at me and telling me I have got things wrong, me giving her exasperated looks and then doing as I was told. How could I possibly shut the door on those memories ? Simple answer is I couldn't anymore than I could stop breathing.
    Big huggles for you my sooper man