Sunday, 5 September 2010

Silent Sundays

I am not liking mornings too much right now but that is understandable I guess. It is not hearing the tip tapping of paws on my floor that make them so silent and a bit sad. But I am doing ok surprisingly, yes I am heart broken but like I have said that is for me and not for my girl ( who is probably running around with all my other fur babies that have crossed the bridge before her and having an absolute ball ).

I have not commented on everyones posts and I am not sure if I will be able to if I am honest but please do know this all of your posts and comments have meant the world to me and are very much appreciated. To know my girl squidged her way into so many hearts is testament to her genuinely  unique Molly-Ness. She would be so very proud of  her furiends generosity in the donations they have made to The Little Dog Rescue in her name and we are so very moved by the gesture. Her Pops and I are missing her terribly but knowing that she has left such a mark on people who have never met her personally is just beyond words. I am going to carry on reading all your blogs as I consider you all my friends as well as my girlies furiends plus the fact you all make me smile so much when I read them ( JD & Max today with the blue pelican today was pawesome !).

I was asked to be a certain gentle dogs official godmother and nothing would give me greater pleasure, I will always have a very special place in my heart for Pip. He and Molly shared a special unbreakable bond and I know she will be keeping a special watch over him as well as all of her furiends.

Pops and I went into town today to see Mo’s Aunty Chrissie and we had Yorkie cuddles with Brandi and Baxter which was lovely a bit sad but lovely too but I know the cuddles were much needed especially by Pops as he is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeve bless his heart.

Anyway my friends I hope our star twinkles as brightly where you are as it does over our house.

With much love


Mollys Momma


  1. Molly's Momma,

    I am so sad 'bouts losing my sweet furiend Molly, but I am happy dat you will still be around to say hi to me every once and a while.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Brandi and Baxter were very happy to see you both today. Guess they were a bit confused at first when the lady wioth the funny coloured hair turned up without the contrapulation that usually had their friend in it. But they soon realised that the humans needed some Yorkie kisses and cuddles, Brandi kinda went Yuuuuk when she kissed Steve's little moustache and beard though, she said it was all tickly and prickly.....Baxter made another huge step forward today too, he realised that the man human was feeling pretty rotten and needed some Baxter loves, sooooo Baxter actually went up to steve and let him stroke him, (a huge step for Baxter who is still learning to trust us humans).....Baxter and Brandi will soon be writing their own bloggy stuff

  3. We are so saddened here to learn that Molly is waiting for all of us at the Bridge. She brought such joy to blogland and I can only imagine the love and joy she brought to your lives. There really are no words that ease the hurt but please know we're all thinking of you and will miss Molly Pops until we meet again.

    You did an amazing thing by adopting Molly and it is with great respect that we are sending some green papers to The Little Dog Rescue in Molly's name.

    Gentle wags,
    Zona and her mom

  4. I am glad you had some yorkie love time today!

    There was a butterfly in my yard today. She kept following me around. Mama thinks maybe it was Molly coming by for a visit.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Ooooh Molly's Momma,
    My heart still aches fur my furiend (I can't even begin to comprehend how ya'll feel). I is so happy to know dat you still gonna come by to sees me.
    I am so glad dat ya'll gots some cuddles from a fellow Yorkie...I hope it did your hearts good.
    Please know dat we is heres fur you and we will always hold you and da Poppa and Molly in our hearts furevers.


  6. I see her smiling down on us every night. I am sorry you are is such a hard thing to go through....

  7. Hello!
    You are so nice! Thank you for helping our Mom. We think that's great. We'd help, too, but the only green papers we get are from her and she said she doesn't have green papers for the center and that's why she posted it... but, we are glad you were willing to share yours! she will be so excited and thankful when she sees that!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  8. Molly Momma,

    we cannot imagine what you are going through. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at the difficult time. Molly was such a beatiful girl and I miss her alot!

    Paws and Licks

  9. I hope that you will continue to visit our blogs. We are here for you two in this difficult time.
    One of Shelby's baby girls has been named Molly. I hope you find some comfort in the thought that Molly will be remembered in this manner.
    You made her life a thing of beauty and filled with warmth and love.

  10. I'm glad you got out to visit a bit. I'm sure it was sad, but also nice to visit with the other doggies as well as having the human company, of course.

    I do have to bring this up. I have the leash that Molly bought at Shelby's auction. I didn't want to just send it because getting it in the mail just like that would be kind of awful, I think. But it is yours. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to do with it? I could go ahead and send it to you in case you have another small girl in the future, or send it elsewhere if you prefer. Just let me know what you want done whenever you feel like it. I'm at peidays AT gmail DOT COM.

    much love and licks, Lola