Saturday, 16 October 2010

I really have got to

start listening to my body more, I went out yesterday with my OH and we only went to two stores and in one of them we spent most of the time sitting down nattering to our friends and getting Yorkie loves from her two babes. But that small trip has totally wiped me out, I am hurting everywhere and am exhausted and feeling decidedly pants again. Will I ever learn ?……………….. I doubt it I think it is human nature to push ourselves in when our bodies object profusely but I really do need to listen as it is not going to help me any if I don’t. I don’t have do because of me but there are others who need me like the OH, my son, Richie, Percy and who ever else is just around the corner if I don’t do it for myself then I should do it for them.

Part of my problem is like things done when I want them done and if they don’t get done then I ‘HAVE’ to do them, I like things done a certain way as well and I know that makes me sound like a complete neat freak/control freak but believe me neat is not word anyone who knows me would apply to me…….lol . But things get to a certain stage of messy-ness that is even too much for me and it has reached that stage now. So for all my talk of listening to my body I know that when I get up later I will be doing the laundry, cleaning the lounge and kitchen and scrubbing the kitchen floor as well as getting a joint of ham ready for roasting on Sunday, I also have veggies that need preparing for the freezer. So I will get all these things done and then collapse in front of the idiot box to shout at the gormless, brain dead moron that is Louis Walsh an excuse for a judge on the X factor.

So there we have it.

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Mollys Momma Tea

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  1. OK, so you really sound like you need to rest! Don't make me fly over in Puddles magic laundry basket and make you rest!!

    Mama is a bit of a control freak, too. I am going to try and make her get some rest this weekend, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I agree. I think a rest is a good idea! I do the same thing, though. I push myself and push myself and then I am cranky and worn out and stressed. Who needs that? Not me!!
    ps- Would you mind sending my your mailing address? You can email me at milshelb (at sign) gmail dot com
    My kids wrote some thank you notes for the donations for the listening center. :)

  3. Thanks so much for voting for Mountainair! It is much needed and appreciated. Now get some well-deserved rest.

    The Road Dogs