Sunday, 17 October 2010


Well I have to contain myself for another week yet and keep my secret just that secret until then. Ohhh but it is so difficult I want to yell it to the world. I am going to keep my great cakehole firmly shut though as I don’t want to jinx anything.

I didn’t get all the jobs done I wanted to but Richie and I had a nice snuggly day with cooking in between snuggles, I have a nice honey mustard gammon all ready for dinner tomorrow now and two big tubs of homemade stew base soup all ready for the freezer. The freezer will have to be chipped at though because someone ( not mentioning any names here but it wasn’t me ) left the blooming freezer door ajar Friday night and although nothing defrosted the freezer went into overdrive and is extremely iced up now.

My son has decided he is going to spend his Christmas with his dad this year and although I would rather he didn’t he has not spent one with him since we moved down here so it is only fair that he does. It does make life a little easier in a way as the OH and I had decided we would have friends round to us for Crimbo dinner and jollificational times. This translates into lots of silliness fuelled by much alcohol, talking of which I am going to hunt out a decent eggnog recipe it is one of the things we don’t really do over here but it always sounds so nice so I want to give it a go. I have almost worked out my Crimbo menu which is good it is just a case of checking if I have any fussy eaters I guess . My Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas today and apart from a fully working slightly thinner healthy body I can’t think of a single thing I need so I am thinking I may ask for money to put towards a new bed as I really hate the one I have. I dunno it seems so early to be thinking about the festive season but I have found it seems to come around earlier and earlier with each passing year. Maybe that is an age thing but I know I am going to start preparing for Crimbo 2011 in the January sales buy the cards and things like that then anyway.

Anyway that is my randomness for the wee small hours done and I will leave you with this TPQ


With Love

Mollys Momma Tea


  1. Can we put in our christmas list too with your Momma :D

    IzZY... new ball
    Josie... new soccer ball stuffie
    Anakin Man... another Piggy stuffie
    Trixie... Ummmmmmmm......
    She wants a robe like Anakins... hee hees..

    Hope you get your new comfy bed and now we are craving egg nogg.. thanks a lot!! :)

    Maybe you'll see your son soon.

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man & TriXie

  2. I think your right about this time thing, the older I get I just don't know where the weeks go!!! it looks like you have a fun packed Christmas coming up and there the best ones to have
    Jan x

  3. Another week?? How will I last?

    We should start planning for the holidays here too. Eggnog... I bet Puddles has a good recipe!


  4. I think I might have an idea of your big surprise, but promise not to reveal anything ...we could be wrong of course!

    Christmas is quite complicated in our family and mama is still in denial that it is only a few months away.

    Your pal, Pip